Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review: My Top 4 Posts

Okay, I'm a little different. While most people who blog are posting their "Top 5" or even "Top 10" posts for the year I decided to scale back to my "Top 4". It was a very scientific process to choose my top 3 posts. I first had to open my Chrome browser and then choose "2012" from my blog list. It did get more difficult as I then had to read each post that I had written through the year. Yes, I realize that I was a slacker through the year and didn't have that many to choose from, but it was quickly evident that I had my 4 chosen. How? Uhm, I just liked them. Nothing more than that, no hit counts, no popularity search criteria; just my preference on the posts.

So here they are in reverse order, as to build a little suspense:

#4) God's Amazing Grace  - Written on my birthday of this year. I go back through my life and point out the grace of God throughout my life.

#3) Altar-ed Call - After seeing The Rhett Walker Band in concert I had to endure a very extended altar call before being able to purchase a T-Shirt.

#2) A Damaged Testimony - Just some reflections on how a lot of people perceive what a "testimony" is.

#1) The Scope Of your Influence - Yes, I am a huge Duck Dynasty fan. I love that show. The Robertson family uses the platform that God blessed them with to share the Gospel. I just was trying to point out that everyone has a distinct platform as well, or scope of influence, that no one else has and God can and does use that to reach others. Just because we are not millionaires doesn't mean that God can't use you to reach others. Actually that is His most common method, using His body. Plus I linked to clips of Phil and Jase sharing the Gospel before they were famous from their TV show.

Hopefully in 2013 I will be doing a little more writing. Pray for me to be able to do that. Although I am not a "real" writer, I do like to share what God puts in my life and on my heart through my every day circumstances. Hopefully I will be able to share how God is working in the midst of a great trial my family is embroiled in now, but can't at this time due to court proceedings. God has been gracious to me and my family. He continues to extend His yoke and allow us to put our burdens upon Him as He fights for us. He is our Rock and Shelter, He has promised nothing but good to us, even in the face of adversity we know that He is firmly in control and that no attack of the enemy has a chance against His will. We pray for those that seem to be our enemy, even though they do lash out and try to cause pain we still desire peace and to show God's glory through everything. We are not perfect and we have and sometimes still do react out of the flesh, but God still uses that to show us how much we desperately need Him in all aspects of our life - the valleys and the mountain tops. To God Be The Glory! Great Things He Has Done!

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