Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Vs Romney. Who To Choose. Either? Neither?

Today I found myself doing some yard work on my last "official" day of vacation. I still have the weekend and the Labor Day holiday, but today is my last "paid" day off.

During the process of moving a brush pile out of my yard, the thoughts of last-night's Republican National Convention were running through my head. I started to truly seek God on how I should vote. I have, recently, been anti-Romney and have always been anti-Obama. I've wanted to do the God pleasing thing and vote for a candidate that has the moral convictions that I do, based on Biblical standards. The thing is, although there are candidates out there that do match my personal beliefs, they, in all actuality, stand no practical chance of winning this years election.

Here are my (perceived) choices:
1) Vote for Obama
2) Vote for Romney
(For many it ends there, but that's not reality)
3) Vote for a 3rd party candidate that may/ may not stand the chance in winning the election.
4) Don't vote

So there is the dilemma facing all Americans. Laid out in 4 choices. For the political liberal it is a no-brainer, vote Obama and keep heading toward full blown Socialism, keeping a man in power that sidesteps the Constitution, who spends Trillions more than we have as a nation, record unemployment, record (extended high) gas prices and so on. For the political conservative it is clear, vote for Romney who promises a lot of things in opposition to the current administration. But, what about the conservative Christian vote? Or should I say Christian vote, because liberal and Christian should not really go together unless you're talking about love, forgiveness and helping others (all of which shouldn't be a mandate, but done freely).

I find myself perplexed. I had 100% committed myself early on to vote whoever the Republican nominee would be. I was in the "anybody but Obama" camp, firmly. I still am, but now with Romney being the GOP Nominee things change. My perspective has been changing of late anyway, leading up until last-night's nomination. I have been searching out 3rd party candidates that more closely match my belief structure than Romney. I guess it boils down to the following statement:
"Can I, being an Evangelical, Bible believing, conservative Christian place my vote on a Mormon who drags the Name of Christ through the mud with his false god, trying to fulfill the LDS's White Horse Prophecy, while giving credence to his false religion as millions of other professing Christians clamor to support him."
It's really a decision that needs to be weighed in light of the Word of God, not that there are not any decisions that shouldn't be.

This decision should be a tough one for any Christian. It baffles me to see that a lot of Christians are gung-ho behind Romney. True, I do not want Obama back in the White House, un-tethered by that pesky  term limit thing, free to further destroy the fiber of this country. I can't stand that thought, at all. Which is my true dilemma. Do I vote for the "other" party, the one with the only foreseeable chance of dethroning Obama? Or do I vote for a 3rd party candidate, such as Virgil Goode, who actually would make the best choice to lead this country going forward?

Ah, but Goode doesn't stand a chance. Why? Because the bulk of people in this country think we must conform to the strict guidelines of D's and R's.  I've always fancied myself and Independent. I have voted for Republicans and I have voted for Democrats. Actually, since I turned 18 in 1986 my vote was for every elected President until Obama. I did not vote for Obama. That means I voted for Bush Sr. (R), Clinton (D) twice and Bush Jr (R) twice. I had a fairly strong voting record until Obama came along, but then again after voting for Bush Jr the second time and the following election which featured Obama I was radically saved by God. I saw things differently and knew that Obama was not the one for the job. I defaulted to McCain in that election, since he was, what I saw it, the only viable alternative. I was playing the game and was trapped in the 2 party mentality, but was rapidly being changed by God and thus developing a different view of the world. I no longer saw red and blue, I saw God and thus started seeing that even my vote should be done in accordance with God's Word and to honor Him. If I was no longer living my life, but Christ was living in me, then shouldn't I be voting to typify that?

So, here I stand (actually I am sitting). I can do no other, but try to seek God, use His Word, seek godly council, pray and ask for a clear understanding of whom I shall cast my single vote. I do know that I will not vote for Obama, since he believes in the slaughter of babies and actually promotes the idea of doing so and wants to use my tax money to do so. Then there is the fact that he tramples the Constitution under foot, doing as he pleases, by any means possible, executive orders, czars, blatant disregard to the Constitution.

Then there's the newly appointed GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. Third generation Mormon. Tightly ingrained in his false religion. Very moralistic, an upstanding and successful business man, believes in one man and one woman as marriage, doesn't believe in homosexual marriage, mostly pro-life (except for rape and incest, which is still murdering innocent babies), just a "good" man in the eyes of the world. But he is a Mormon. Electing him, with the support of evangelical Christians sends a very dangerous message to the world that Mormons have a viable religion that is Christian, just being a different denomination. I know the differences. I know how heretical the LDS message is. Sadly, most others do not and hence do not see this as anything to even be debating. The mindset is:
"Romney upholds the same values as I do, Obama doesn't. Therefore I will vote for Romney because he is not Obama."
That would be all well and good if there weren't more choices than the two.

If the only choices were Obama and Romney I probably wouldn't even cast a vote. As many have said; "The lesser of two evils is still evil". So, my faith would trump my Constitutional right to vote and I would vote for neither. But we have more choices than Obama or Romney. That is what's great about this country and the system that God has put into place here. We can vote for other candidates, with clear conscience before God, knowing that He directs the placing of kings and rulers (Daniel 2:20-23, John 19:10-11), He is sovereign and He is still in control, whether it's with Obama, Romney or another President in place. God is still God and that President is still under His reign.

Are we to separate our faith from our vote? That is the million dollar question. Do we leave God at the curtain when we draw it shut and cast our vote? Do we take into account that we should do everything to His glory (1 Cor. 10:31, Col. 3:17&23)? Or do we look at circumstance and what ifs? Do we think that casting our vote for a 3rd party candidate is a vote for Obama? Or is that a vote that honors God? Do we try to rally others FOR Romney, hence joining league with an anti-Christ that could ultimately send millions to Hell because of the thought that Mormonism is a true religion?

The most common argument I have heard is:
"If Daniel the Prophet could serve the pagan Nebuchadnezzar, and Joseph could serve Pharoah, you could vote for Romney."
I say to that, "Really? And just how did Daniel condone or help put into place Nebuchadnezzar and Jospeh condone or help pu into place Pharaoh?"
Daniel and Jospeh just did as God commanded and respected those that God did put into place (Romans 13:1-5, Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13-17).

I want to do what will honor God in my vote. I do not really enjoy the thought of Obama sinking this country further. I do not like the thought that I may lose comfort if Obama is re-elected. I do not like it that he has potential to run unhindered over this country and set in motion destruction to us as a nation. But I must and will not let my comfort, nor my situation, nor public opinion, nor "don't throw your vote away" take precedence over honoring God through my vote. I must stand blameless before Him in my vote, without the blood of millions on my hands for casting a vote for either of the two main parties anti-Christ figures, who come in the spirit of anti-Christ to deceive and set in motion what could possibly be the emergence of The Anti-Christ (1 John 2:18,22-23, 1 John 4:2-3, Jude :4)

I know where my vote is swaying, it is, at this point, for Virgil Goode. As far as my research has shown Goode is a believer in God, he fears the Lord and he upholds biblical convictions, even further than Romney's false morality. So, my vote is FOR a person (Goode) and not AGAINST another (Obama). That is my convictions, this is the understanding that God has given me to this point. It would make it a lot easier if all of the evangelicals were to turn out in force, voting for Goode. Kind of like when everyone turned out to support Chick-Fil-A when the Dan Cathy came out in favor of Biblical marriage that sent liberals in a whirlwind. I know that it could be done. Plus shucking the two party system might, just might, bring a modern day revolution upon us.

Where do you stand? Why do you stand there? Is it in opposition against someone or is it in affirmation for someone? What has lead you to that decision? I assume that if you are reading this that you are a professing Christian, so how does your decision attest to God? These are not just rhetorical questions, I really want to know. I really need insight, other than my own, to Christ centered decisions in the area of voting. This will be me second election out of 7 that I have been a follower of Christ. My first as a Christian was on habit and worldly advice, but this time I need it to be out of Christ centered advice. Please leave a comment here and share where you stand and why. It will help me to understand better and may help impact others as they seek who they should vote for.


Missy said...

Good post, Jeff. I respect whatever decision you make.

Recently my county held a vote which would have taken us from "dry" to liquor-by-the-drink. As someone who has an occasional drink (VERY) occasional, I didn't want to vote dry. But with most of the Christians voting dry, I didn't want to use my vote to come against them. I could not decide whether a
"wet" vote would be in good faith or an expression of selfishness. So in the end, I abstained from voting, knowing God's will would be done. Our county is still dry, so clearly that was His will. I feel decent about the decision I made.

I don't see this as the same. I was truly neutral as to whether my county went wet or stayed dry. I suspect most Christians who don't want to vote for Romney still hope he wins. Romney, whose policies and Supreme Court appointments would save many unborn babies (shocked at how many Christians dismiss him because he's "not 100% pro-life"—we shouldn't save ANY babies because we can't save them all? Hmm...); Romney, who would have America in a far better position to come against Islamic tryrants who'd marry off 9 year old girls to their perverted brutish followers; Romney, who'd be a supporter of Israel and I suspect a stronger supporter of Christian liberty on our soil.

Would having a Mormon president muddy the line between Mormonism and Christianity? Probably, and even with Mitt the candidate I think it already has. But it gives us an opportunity to discuss the issue. For any who are confused, there are others who will be brought into the light.

I am continuing to pray, but I also feel I've already been released to vote Romney.

One of these two will win. There is no doubt of that. So, it seems we can assume that one of these men is God's chosen leader for us. Therefore, I am voting for the one who will lead our nation more closely in a Godly direction, and who will be far more likely to have Christians among his advisors, and who, if death befalls him, would leave us with a principled, smart, conservative Catholic rather than a foul-mouthed, idiotic, bumbling Catholic.

God bless you as He leads you to the best decision!

Jeff said...

Thanks for your input Missy. I really appreciate your views on the matter. I actually balked at posting this yesterday because I knew you would read it. I'm glad I did, because your view is something that I will really take into consideration.

I also have seen that Mormonism/ LDS is being talked about more openly now. With that its heretical views are being exposed to more people, but that is kind of a pragmatic stance since more people are welcoming that religion as viable. I'm not really an "Look out! It's the end times!" kind of person, but I do believe that these are steps toward a one world religion, Universalism. All views are equal, all views are valid, all roads lead to God.

Whitt Madden said...

I have not gotten into the political debate since I became a Christian. Politics have always been a mental block for me, personally. I probably should care more than I do, but I also believe God has His plan, and His will is going to be accomplished regardless who gets voted. I'm not a fan of Romney or Obama. With that being said, I can't even remember the last time I watched a presidential debate... It's like the END TIMES for me. Not really concerned about how things are gonna go down.

Jeff I share the same sentiments as you about mormonism. I have also seen the devastating effects of universalism as it has been gripping the hearts of people I love and care about. It's a slippery slope, once we start straying from the Truth of His Word, and it only leads to further deception. Almost all of my Christian friends are voting for Romney as a vote against Obama. Romney is a very 'moral' man, and as I understand it, there are incentives for that in the Mormon relgion, but I also agree - the lesser of two evils is still evil. It's quite the predicament for Christians. Who knows how it will turn out, or how I will even vote.

Good points and great thoughts on this one Jeff. Can I use the "trusting in God" on this one to get me out of voting at all? :)