Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Must Watch - 180 The Movie - From The Way Of The Master/ Living Waters

The main question that envelopes the new release from The Way of the Master/ Living Waters is "It's OK to kill a baby in the womb when.....?" The short documentary rings true and exposes just how atrocious abortion is. They craftily draw contrasts between Hitler and the Holocaust to what is, in effect, more murderous than the Nazi brutality headed by Hitler.

Sadly, the opening of the "movie" people are asked "Who is Adolf Hitler", which not many know the answer. How can in less than two generations, after the mass murdering from Nazi Germany, of 17 million people can people not know what happened or who Hitler was? More disturbing is the fact that some people shown still buy into the brainwashing that Hitler instilled. It is enough to turn your stomach, thinking about the carnage of that awful period of time.

As gruesome and unbelievable as the reign of Hitler and the deaths that he took part in, lives lost to legalized murder in the United States has been over 53 Million since Roe v Wade in 1973. Once again, this number is in the USA... alone! Abortion has claimed nearly 4 times the lives lost at the hands of Adolf Hitler. Shockingly people do not seem that rattled by that. The fine folks at WOTM/ Living Waters have done a very great job at convincingly drawing a parallel to these two atrocities. The people featured in the documentary, once shown these parallels soon have a change of mind and see the horror of what they were once defending.

I will not tell the whole of the movie, but will instead ask that you watch this short presentation. It has been made available to watch free online, so watch it and share it however you can - Facebook, Twitter, blog post, email. This message is of utmost importance, especially going into an election year when our current administration is adamantly pro murder abortion.

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