Friday, July 1, 2011

Officially A Year

Day 365 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Well, the official 365th day of my series is upon me. Tomorrow will be the official last day of my series as I was going Birthday to Birthday, but days wise it is a year today.

Through this year I have posted over 365 pictures of things I have found interesting in my day. Some times I have scrambled to take a picture and once I even missed midnight while working on a project and decided to skip that day. So I guess in all actuality tomorrow will be my 365th post in the series, so it worked out good.

I am actually happy that it is over, but have gotten accustomed to posting every day. Hopefully this will encourage me to post more frequently than I did before this series began. I was sporadic, at best, and inconsistent as the norm. I have realized that I never have had a real game plan for the blog past its initial inception over 3 years ago. This blog actually started for me to chronicle my search for a new church home after God opened my eyes to the very man centered messages that we were being given. It did not take God long to place us within a wonderful body that actually is a body. We love our church family very much and can't think of being anywhere else.

It is amazing to look back over a year and see how God has worked in my life. I am going to skim back over all of my posts within this series tomorrow to be reminded of everything I attempted to write about. As I look ahead to the next year I excitedly anticipate what God is going to do around me and prayerfully using me. The Real Truth Matters ministry that I volunteer with is about to get some national exposure and is in the final stages of releasing "The History Of The Modern Gospel" series on DVD, which is very exciting. God has allowed me to be a small part of this and I am very humbled to see how God is using the ministry and equally excited with the direction He is taking it. Only time will reveal to us where He is taking it and only He will reveal to us in Heaven what impacts have been made for the Kingdom through this ministry.

Praise God for allowing us to be part of His work. Not just in a ministry setting, but individually as He allows us to witness to His goodness each day of our lives.


Whitt Madden said...

Congratulations on a great year with your series of posts!!!!

Jeff said...

Thank you Whitt. I know sometimes we disagree on some things, but I know you are a brother and speak out of love. I have been greatly edified by your comments and encouragements and thank God for you and your family.