Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winding Down

Day 338 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Well, the old blog series is in it's last month. The countdown is on. I have decided that it will not extend past the one year mark and a lot of you are probably saying, "Thank goodness it's over. Now maybe he will actually pick a topic and write about one thing". Admittedly I kind of waned in my regular postings because of the daily picture posts, but I did have a few "regular" topic posts over the year as well.

I am hoping that this series got me in the habit of writing more, maybe not better, but just more. I would like to become a better writer, but unfortunately my writing skills were never there to begin with. During my school days I did terrible in English and writing and never really cared to get any better. Now, looking back, I know I should have paid more attention and actually did the work I was supposed to do.

Who knows, maybe I will break down and actually take a few classes. We have a few area colleges that would be excellent. Thing is it would be like starting high school over again as I do not remember much. I don't know if they have refresher classes, but if so they would really be beneficial. One school, which happens to be a Christian college, offers a single night a week over 2 years to get a degree. That may be the way for me to go, if I go that is.

I still get a fairly good hit count on this blog. Most hits are from web searches for a few of he topics I have written about. The top 3 are probably "Gray areas in Christianity", "Are the members of U2 Christians" and "Craig Groeschel/ The Christian Atheist". Maybe I can add a few new hit makers to the mix. I don't think it is a priority to add something to bump counts, but I do think it helps to spread the Gospel. I try to fit in the Gospel to almost every post I do and/ or tell my testimony of how God saved me. If not for the Gospel and God's Grace on me I would be a very different person. I would still be looking at my "decision" at 8 years old and pointing to it as why I was saved. I would probably be divorced and who knows what I would be doing right this moment. I know that God loves me for some reason which I don't know why. I am unworthy of His mercy and grace, but he gives them both to me freely every moment of every day. I sin against Him constantly and yet He showers me in love.

If not by the grace of God.

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