Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything Is Better With Bacon

Day 353 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Mmmmmmm bacon. I purchased this behemoth bag from, you guessed it, Sam's Club today. It is a much better deal than I have been paying at Kroger, as I have been consuming my fair share of Bacon these days. It happens to be one of the enjoyable things that I can have on my diet. I know it doesn't seem right to be eating bacon on a diet, but a low/ no carb diet is one that allows for it.

I found the other picture on the internet a long time ago. It mixes two of my favorite things, bacon and Diet Coke. I'm not sure that I would actually like this, but I'd give it a shot. Sadly this is just a parody product. but there are many other bacon products out there. Wendy's has the Baconator burger, which has a pile of bacon on a cheeseburger. Then here recently a restaurant had a bacon promotion and even had a bacon milkshake. I've also heard of chocolate covered bacon, which actually sounds kind of good to me, mixing the saltiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the chocolate. But, then again, I have weird tastes anyway.

Nothing really monumental in my life today. I have recently started praying for folks I know through the day, at least more than I have been of late. I occasionally had someone cross my mind and I would say a quick prayer, but I am working on actually purposefully bringing people to mind and praying for specific things in their life. It is hard to do at work a lot of the time because my mind is preoccupied with thinking about work stuff, but I do get moments where I just go through motions and am then able to recall specific things that I need to be praying for. God delights in our prayers, not that He needs them, but He wants us to bring our requests to Him. I do often, but not nearly often enough. Hopefully He has been working on me and this is not something I am manufacturing, in praying for my brothers and sisters and my family. I also hope that they are praying for me, which may be the way God is working on me.


Camillia said...

just a funny thought Sophie, Whitt and I were talking about last night...this post actually...and the fact my daughter Cayla has this same obsession with Bacon that you've described here...we were asking random questions last weekend, one was what dessert did she want to invent....she said bacon flavored ice crazy people. I am 100% a sausage kinda girl *yes I know its a horrible thing to eat, but its awesome* :)

Jeff said...

Oh, I like sausage too. Just about any pork, actually. Well, except pork chops.