Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Go Down To The River

Day 359 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I journeyed down to the riverfront this evening taking part in the "Live On Broadway" festivities. This is the local free, live entertainment outlet that me and some friends use to frequent to evangelize, pass out tracts and talk to others about Christ. We haven't done this in a while, so this was actually the first time I have attended in a while, maybe once or twice in the time span between is not going as a group. I had to avert my eyes several times, to say the least. To be a "good clean fun" place to go, advertised as "family fun" it was not very clean and not very family friendly. I did pass out a few tracts and listened to a gospel group too that were very good.

My pictures is on the river side of the flood wall and if you read any of my postings during the flood you know how high the water got. This picture shows you the levels embedded into the concrete wall. It is really neat to see the different spacing between levels, which I assume is reflective of the quickness of the water rising or falling. Anyway it got really high and would have been up to my chest whee I was standing taking this picture.

I actually had a single purpose in going down this evening as a brother and sister from church's son was playing at one of the locations along Broadway. I wanted to show support of this young brother and let him know that he had some fans from church. He is a very good guitarist and I was impressed. It made me want to take up trying to play the guitar again, something I tried when I was in my teenage years. I quickly became frustrated as it is a lot harder than it looks, having to put your fingers in certain places all the time and stuff to make it sound right . So, I am always very impressed with giftings of playing musical instruments, especially the guitar.

This young man happens to have also just surrendered his life to music ministry, wherever that takes Him. I really need to pray for this young man often as God works in his life, that He will place people in his path to guide him in honoring God through his music.

I also have to make a confession. Somehow I got off on my blog day numbers, so I have started changing all of the past "Day In My Life" days. I thought I was being careful, but apparently I wasn't and I noticed tonight when I started typing. Since it is within of my birthday no I knew that if I wrote until my birthday this year it would actually be 366 days. I messed up and I wanted to publicly confess I made a mistake.

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