Monday, June 27, 2011

Knock Knock: InstaGram

Day 361 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I downloaded a new app for my phone, InstaGram. It's a photo app that gives old style looks to pictures taken on my iPhone. Kind of ironic, since we have spent the last few decades actually trying to stop pictures like this through technological advances. But, alas, everything old is new again.

I took the main picture today at a cemetery in Fulton KY, in a cemetery that is right across the street from the cemetery my grandad and great grandparents are buried in. I had to run an errand to Fulton this evening and whenever I am in that area I stop by their grave site. When I was leaving I happen to notice the angel grave marker across the street and thought it looked really neat. There is something about the artwork of grave markers that gets my attention. Sometimes I wonder if I missed my calling to be a stone carver or something because I am so fond of the craftsmanship poured into these works of art.

Sometimes I like to go to graveyards to take photos of the carvings and grave markers. It's not some morbid curiosity by the way, so don't think I am a freak or anything. I can just respect the love that these markers have behind them. Add that to the craftsmanship and there is something that should be appreciated. Plus, who wants their loved one to be forgotten? I am sure most graves get very few visitors, especially those that were at least 2 generations removed. That is probably why families seem to have their "family plot", to carry on the history and genealogy of the family.

This second picture is actually the first picture I took with the InstaGram app. What else would I take a first picture of besides a Diet Coke? Well, I think my first picture in this series was of my wife, so there's the answer. I was just playing around and wanted to see the looks available with this neat little app.

Speaking of first picture of this series, the last will be coming up this weekend. Don't think that I will carry on past it with the series, because I am beyond ready to set this project aside. I do have some stand alone posts in the works, mentally anyway, so stay tuned for those. I am sure that the one main one I am processing will cause some sparks to fly, which is not the effect I am after. I want to only shed light to a area that needs it. I really desire to do it in a manner that will not be meant to offend, but to share truth, so please pray for me in this area. I have a habit of being too blunt and straight forward a lot of the time, which my wife points out quite often.

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will be praying for you!