Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keep On Truckin'

Day 364 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I took the old truck out for a spin today. Actually I had to since I was buying a new wheelbarrow to do some work around the home.

I quickly realized that I am spoiled to air conditioning, since the only air that is conditioned in the truck is when you have the windows down and are driving down the road. Nothing like hot air blowing around inside of a hot truck. The next thing I realized is I need some sort of cup holder so I can put my beverage in it when driving. See, the truck has no power steering and is a manual shift on the column, which makes it really hard to drive, turn, switch gears and hold a Diet Coke all at the same time. I did have a roll of duct tape in the cab, so that actually did a fine job of serving as a makeshift cup holder today.

I stopped by the church office today and talked with the pastor a little bit and JT and Joseph. I was bragging on how reliable the truck was and how it kicked right on every time. Every time until I went to leave the church today. Talk about embarrassing. Fortunately it was easily seen to be a problem with the belt, which was very loose and was not allowing my alternator to turn, therefore not charging my battery. After being taken to the house by Joseph and JT on an errand they were running I grabbed my tool box and headed back to the church and had it fixed, jump started and back to the house in no time, with nothing harmed but my ego.

The truck is a year older than I am and is still running strong (except for today). I have no complaints about it at all, it is what it is - a truck to haul stuff with. It is 44 years old after all and only has 90,000 miles on it, which is less than some vehicles that are less than 5 years old. It doesn't smoke and it starts every time (99.9% of the time). I am over all happy with the truck and wouldn't change a thing..... well, I probably would add an air conditioner if I could.

I do realize how fortunate we are. We have 3 vehicles in our driveway, a roof over our heads, fresh water at multiple locations in and around the house, a cupboard and refrigerator full of food, clothing enough to last years, several pair of shoes and money in our bank account - all of which are luxurious in light of the majority of the Earth's population. I thank God and praise Him for allowing us to live here and for the things He gives us. I do think sometimes that all of these gifts can be hindrances in our faith. After all we have everything we could ever want or need at our finger tips, so we have less to seemingly depend on God for. Those brothers and sisters sitting in mud huts across the ocean are probably more fortunate than us, as their faith is increased every time God shows Himself in supplying their needs, instead of them just walking to a cabinet and opening a door.

So, reflecting on gifts should be done with thanksgiving of the Giver and not of the "things" given. May God give me the heart to do that and to trust Him for the things I lack, but the others that mentioned have in abundance - faith.

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