Monday, June 13, 2011

In Moderation

Day 346 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Tonight was one of the first steps in the election process of our next president. The Republican candidate was very possibly one of those involved in the debate this evening. Actually I didn't think there were this many that had already thrown their hat into the ring. I can say, after watching the majority of the debate, that there are some I care nothing about voting for. In fact if I did vote for them it would be purely because the alternative was worse.

Looking at my picture, find Mitt Romney in the middle - starting with him look at everyone to the left and those are the ones I wouldn't vote for. Those left would be Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty. I hadn't heard anything from Pawlenty before tonight, but I did like some things he said. I did, however, not really get any kind of urging that any of these candidates are led by the Spirit.

I'm not really sure if I should actually pick a president based on religion. I mean, should that be my criteria? If I "believe" him to be a solid, bible believing Christian? No, not at all. But! I can tell you that if someone obviously denies God, the God of the bible, I will never vote for them. This is directed at Romney and his LDS religion. The same would be said of any of the others if they identified themselves with Islam, Buddha or any other false god of your choice.

I would really like it if we had a solid Christian as our president. I haven't seen one since I've been alive, so I'm not really sure what a Biblical Christian President would look like. I know that in my lifetime they have all professed to be Christians, which has been lie #1. I do not think that as Christians we can push our morals on others, though. We have a hard enough time living our convictions out and lifting one another up, those that are part of the Body of Christ. We can't go and push morality on the lost, those that are governed by their flesh. We must, however, be set apart. We need to get back to scripture and put aside all of the sideline stuff that takes up most of our time - TV, sports, cars, etc. and put all of that emotion and time in on cultivating a deeper knowledge of our God.

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