Thursday, June 2, 2011

In A Jam

Day 335 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

The sermon jam that I "created" has been posted by Real Truth Matters. I worked a lot of hours to put this together. Along the way I had many "learning experiences" and have a better understanding of how After Effects works. It was a learning experience for sure and I believe that other sermon jams will follow, hopefully not with the length of production time this one had, but will be released quicker and quicker each time.

I told Bro. Michael (Durham), my pastor, that my main goal in this is to have a sermon jam released the same week as the sermon he preached it from. Sort of as a "commercial" (for lack of better words) to drive people to the website in order to download the full sermon or watch it streaming from the Real Truth Matters Vimeo or youtube page. I think it is an attainable goal in the future..... right now, not so much. I do know the more time I invest in learning the nuances of this great software from Adobe, the more proficient I will become. Who knows, if I am ever able to upgrade to a newer version of After Effects/ Premiere/ Photoshop it may shave some valuable time off as well. So, Adobe or Adobe representatives - Give me a deal on the CS5.5 software.

I thought of all the procedures within the video that the audio/ music choice would be the hardest for me. It actually tuned out to be the part with the least effort as God supplied the need of royalty free music from Incompetech' Kevin MacLeod. I am very grateful for his music and his willingness to share with anyone that needs use of it. I actually used 2 of his songs mixed with other sounds to create the music section of the jam. The sermon part was "chopped" in series from the original sermon "The Problem With Good Deeds", which too fell into place. The lengthy part was doing all of the typography associated with the video and also creating all of the effects of books with words flying off the covers, finding the right pictures to use, synchronizing the video of the sermon with the audio and then doing it all again because of the multiple mistakes I made.

In the end I think it turned out well for a first effort. I see things that I now think should have been done differently. Also from a technical standpoint I now know how to better utilize time in editing the video and audio portion. I now feel much more comfortable with the software and know that the next project will be "easier" to make. That is unless I start trying to do some really eye catching effects.

Also, the opening and closing of the logo crumbling I submitted to RTM for use. The full time staff really liked it and started using it immediately for the web based videos being released.That part still impresses me in how good it turned out. For that effect I have some other ideas that may be used in future productions, so stay tuned.

I just ask whoever reads this to pray for the ministry of Real Truth Matters. They have 2 full time on staff now and have many financial obligations to meet. The quality of releases has grown by leaps and bounds over the years that RTM has been "officially" in existence. I recommend that you look through the whole website and see how God has used this ministry. The "History of the Modern Gospel" series is about to wrap up with the final installment, so I ask that you check out the sessions that are currently out there. You can watch them on Vimeo in Hi-Def and also on Lane Chaplin's webpage, who has been a great friend and supporter of the ministry.

Thank you for reading through this. I mentioned in an earlier posting that I would post the sermon jam when it was completed, so here it is. Please feel free to send me any comments and critique. Also feel free to donate the newest Windows version of the CS5.5 Adobe Production Premium Suite if you so feel led :).

Problem of Good Deeds - Sermon Jam from Michael Durham from Real Truth Matters on Vimeo.

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