Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I "Like" Real Truth Matters

Day 354 in my "Year In My Life through Pictures" blog series

Came up with a new little "thing" for RTM this evening, on the fly. It just kind of happened all at once, but I "like" it . Maybe it will take off and I can talk the guys into this being the next RTM shirt. Would anybody 'like" a shirt with this on it? I would, but who knows if anyone else would. I have a weird taste in t-shirts anyway.

It has been a couple of years since we did an RTM t-shirt. There have been 2 so far, both of which were fairly simple. We have talked about doing a new one, but nothing so far. Maybe this could just be a fun kind of shirt and not the "official" next RTM shirt, maybe a version 2.1 or something. After all, this is the age of social media and Facebook is the forerunner with that, closely followed by Twitter.

It amazes me at how social media has gained in popularity and personal, one on one interactions have decreased. It's almost as if you must be looking at a screen to interact with someone. I am definitely not anti-Facebook or ant-Twitter, but I do see how it can be a stumbling block to some people. Like any other good thing, social media can become a huge hindrance to someone. Facebook can become a huge time waster and interfere with important "real" relationships, including a person's relationship with God. Even someone who only posts Kingdom and God focused things on Facebook or Twitter can still be sinning in doing so, if the One that the posts are about is not the object, or reason, for the posting. I am speaking from experience on this, because I have done that myself.

I have to evaluate constantly what my online life looks like, what I'm doing, how am I interacting, what am I posting and why to all of that. I still have a lot of work to do in my time management. Many times I could be actually working on a project, or even better, spending time with my family. But they too are either online, texting or watching TV or all 3 in any and all combinations. This should probably be called "Generation E" or the "iGen" because of its growing dependance of all things electronic.

Social media is a good thing, yielded in the correct manner. It has been used for my strengthening and edification and it has been used greatly to get the message of Real Truth Matters out there. I highly suggest that you check out the RTM website for countless and valuable resources. Be sure to send an email and interact with everyone. It is great hearing from those that are benefiting from the ministry.

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