Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Heat Of The Battle

Day 340 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

"Is it hot enough for ya?" That's a common question these day around here in Paducah and I would also assume across much of the United States. Temperatures have been above 90 since May 29 here, which is about 10 degrees higher than "average". Of course Al Gore is looking pretty good to some people right now, but then again he claimed that the below average temperatures and increased snowfall this past winter were caused by Global Warming as well. Go figure.

The forecast has us remaining in the 90s at least until next Thursday, with the exception of 2 days that they are saying will be a chilling 88 and 89. All I can say is, "I'm glad I have a job that lands me in front of a computer the majority of my work day." I have, however, worked in the heat like this on my works factory floor and it is rather warm, especially with all of the welding that takes place. Many steps have been taken to alleviate the heat for the workers, extra fans, extended break times, free Gatorade, etc. are all beneficial to my co-workers, but it is still hot any way you slice it.

It does seem that we are having a lot of "strange" weather. Maybe strange is not the correct word to use, maybe "extreme" would be a better adjective. We have seen numerous tornadoes rip across the U.S., my area of the country is still recovering from the worst flooding in almost 100 years, the North East saw a rare tornado in their region over the past few day. This is not to mention the earthquakes and volcanic activity lately too. I stop short of saying it is of "biblical proportions" because I know that God is still holding nature at bay and is still long-suffering. The Earth is showing its pangs as Romans 8:22 tells us.

The coming of the Lord is eminent and many people are eluding to that fact. Many say it, but don't really believe it though. They say, "You better get right with God, because He's coming back soon. Just look at the weather". Which may very well be true, but most that say this are not "right with God" in the first place. They are "right with" their false theology and easy believism mentality. If we truly believed Christ's Earthly return was upon us, any day now, would we be so lax in our evangelism? Would we sit idly by knowing that our friends, family members and co-workers are headed to hell? Would we remain silent and hope that someone else tells them the true Gospel? I think not. It just shows the state of the Church today. We have fallen asleep and become lukewarm. Does that sound familiar?

I pray that I, foremost, along with the rest of the Body of Christ awaken from the slumber. May God grant us revival in our hearts so that we can be faithful and true witnesses for Him. May He be gracious to us, even though we do not deserve it so we can bring glory to Him and magnify His Name above all. How awesome it would be if the Church would actually be the Church instead of being quiet in slumber, allowing the junk that passes for Christianity to run rampant, without so much as a peep from anyone except "judge not lest thou be judged". I say that if we remain silent and allow heresy and blasphemy that has defined the modern "church" we are part of it ourselves and stand in the judgment of God. We need to take Proverbs 17:15 to heart:
Proverbs 17:15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, Both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.

So where do you stand in these last days? For the Lord or for the harlot that passes itself off as the Bride of Christ? I stand for Christ and by His grace I will glorify His Name. How about you?

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