Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion Statement Or Witnessing Opportunity?

Day 345 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I saw these bracelets and have some mixed emotions about them. Actually, I'm not really sure if I like them or if I don't. I'm still on the fence about them and a trip to a website describing them doesn't help out any either.

The premise is that when worn properly, these bracelets are to be a reminder of the scars on Jesus' wrists, His sacrifice for our sins. While I appreciate that we need to be reminded (sadly) of Jesus constantly, is this a way to do it? Therein lies my dilemma. Are these reverent to the Lord?

What further muddles this bracelet for me is the "Mission" that proceeds from these bracelets support. Here is a copy/ paste:

Over one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. This ongoing issue threatens life on a devastating scale. We can mend that. In an effort to advocate the message of love on a global level, a portion of proceeds from every sale will go directly to Living Water International. To learn more about LWI, the world water crisis and what is being done to combat it visit:

I see that giving fresh water to areas that need it as very valuable. The Living Waters International ministry seems like a great thing too. I do not know anything about the organization than the little I read on their website. I take them at their word, which they have no reason to mislead. They use the supplying of water to communities in foreign lands to be a catalyst to spread the love of Christ. Wonderful! I pray that the latter is the focus and the former is just the means to get an audience. I can see where some ministries get things flopped around and just tack Jesus on to the physical needs. I am not making any type of judgment call against this group and I pray that the Lord uses them to add many to the Kingdom.

Back to the bracelets. My first thought was, "How much are these things?" Then my second thought was, "I bet these would make great ice breakers when someone asked what they are." These could be the conversation starter in order to tell of the love of Christ to someone, to share the gospel. Sort of like a tract without paper.... and that you are wearing it and don't pass anything out. So, it's not like a tract after all, but it could still be a great conversation starter. But that does take me back to if it is reverent or not. Should we be trying to portray the marks of our forgiveness, the scars of Christ? Sort of like removable leather stigmata.

Like I said, I am still on the fence. I can see the good from them and I can see a little "bad" with them. So, maybe one of you can share your opinion with a comment or three and let me know your take. I post 99.9% of the comments left here, even if they disagree with my viewpoint, just as long as there is no cursing and no blatant attacks. Other than that I post them all. I appreciate dialog and I gain much from it. SO please, leave a comment if you have a different take or if you agree with me.

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Whitt Madden said...

I think the idea sounds good, but some of the things on the website make me a little bit leery. Mostly their resources. Seems to be a lot of insurance, student loans, health &life insurance links.... At first I thought it was one of those parked domain search engine websites. Their "News" has 1 article about church planting. They may be legit, but their website looks like a Marketing website and I'm not a big fan of those.