Friday, June 24, 2011

Chillin' And Grillin'

Day 357 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

We had a little get together this evening at the house. Today is my mom's birthday, so we invited her over to grill out. Also my mother in law came in to town to see Elliott and to pick up the 2 youngest to take them back to Arkansas for a couple of weeks. Then my mother in law's sister stopped by to see her and also dropped us off some tasty looking fruits and veggies.

I grilled a ton of meat. Well, not exactly a ton, but for me it was a lot. We had 3 different kinds of steak, chicken, pork chops, corn on the cob, yellow squash and some kind of green squash I can't remember the name of. The veggies were a new venture for me as I've never grilled any. I also did not eat any since my diet will not let me eat corn. The squash I'm not sure if it is on my diet or not, but it doesn't matter because I don't like it anyway. Also after we ate I fired the grill up again and charred up some hot dogs for my mom to take back home with her and a pack for my wife so she can nibble on them for a few days. Last, but not least, I grilled some polish sausage that will be coming to a plate near me soon.

It has been a good day. It was my last day of work for 10 days, I got to cook for a lot of people and God showed me His handy work, in all things - an ear of corn. I was shucking the corn, removing the hair (silk?) and was noticing just how perfectly the ears were wrapped in the shucks. Then once I was inside the shucks, the kernels were arraigned in perfect row, with the silk stranded between the rows. The shucks themselves hold a lot of order as well, with the ribbing that travels the length of each leaf. Purely amazing, as all other aspects of creation are.

I do not see how someone can deny the Maker. To have such an orderly world, filled with intricate creations like corn, trees, clouds, animals and everything else God placed on the Earth. There is no way that a destructive explosion, the epitome of chaos, caused such order to "just happen". A home a few miles from my house exploded 2 nights ago because of a gas leak, was there any order left from it? No, only destruction and chaos. None of the remnants of their house mysteriously formed together to make anything, except a pile of rubble.

I think the major problem people have with acknowledging there is a God, is they want to be their own gods. They are very comfortable in their sins, they do not want to feel that they have to answer to anyone but themselves. They will one day, regardless of how much they want to deny God, it doesn't change the fact that He is going to judge them. All of the "good times" and sins they ever committed will be shown before them, as a witness to their depravity. The most high sin? Denial of God Himself. All of the other sins were caused by that denial.

So, where do you stand? Where will you stand when you are before God? Will the Advocate, Jesus Christ, be there to plead your case? To say He paid it all for your sins? Will you stand there alone? Being cast into eternal damnation because you rejected God? I pray that you are either already His or you will no tarry and cry out to Him for mercy.

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