Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Day 362 in my "year In My Life through Pictures" blog series

This is Chandra/ Allan's cat "Kick". I once again used the nifty iPhone App InstaGram for today's picture. This cat actually has 3 or 4 names, which are 1)Kick 2)Roger 3)Stinky Cat 4)CAT! The last 3 are what I call it from time to time, but since it is a cat it answers to none of them.

I think Roger is the one I call it most. That name comes from the movie "Open Season 2" from a cat that was kind of less than average intelligence and annoying at times, which defines this cat to a "T". Not a big fan of cats anyway, but this cat got off to a wrong foot from the get go. Oh sure, he tries to butter me these days, but it doesn't work. I'm fairly sure that I will remain anti-cat for many good years to come. I'm not even mentioning my allergic reactions to them, which was probably the first reason I never liked the feline family.

Anyway Only 4 more installments of this series and I couldn't be more relieved. A lot of hours have gone into these past 362 days so far. I am ready to retire the concept and pass it along to whoever is willing to stick with it. Feel free to take the concept and do with it what you will.

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