Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wet Behind The Ears (And Everywhere Else Too)

Day 303 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I made a venture out to my mom's house today, at her request, to see what I thought about the rising water. She wanted to know if I thought it would actually flood her house or not, to which my guess is as good as hers. I do see that she did want another person's opinion, plus I think she is getting cabin fever. Maybe being stranded on Guill Isle is not fun after all.

We received some rain today, actually quite a bit through the day and night. The experts are saying the Ohio River will crest at 54' on Wednesday and then slowly start to lower. 54' is about 2 feet more than it is right now. How that relates to how much the ground coverage will increase is anyone's guess. I am intently watching in Missouri as the Corps of Engineers readies an emergency plan on the Mississippi River to relieve some of the pressure that has built through the river systems. The planned response effort will blow a levee that will then release millions of gallons of water into farm land designated for this purpose on 1927(ish). I am not one that wants to see anyone's farm destroyed, but I am more partial to people's homes, work places and their lives over any piece of property that will recover soon. My intentness in watching this is the hope that it also allows the Ohio River here to drain some of it's level off, thereby lowering the waters around my moms.

One thing that I am really surprised has not happened yet and that is President Obama declaring the affected areas as "Federal Disaster Areas". That would open up millions in Federal money to be used for this disaster. In 1997 they very quickly declared it a Federal disaster, but for some reason, with the waters much higher this time, they are balking. I would like to know why.

Through it all, God is still in control. He is not surprised about the flooding. He has not been caught off guard by the recent outbreak of tornadoes. He is God, He knows everything. Also, He does not do anything without the reason to bring glory to Himself.So, this trial for many will ultimately lead to His glorification. That is a hard thing for most people to grasp hold to, even a lot of professing Christians.

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