Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome To Lake Guill, Courtesy Flood 2011

Day 304 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

It looks like I have turned my picture of the day postings into a Flood 2011 update series instead. I guess that's because the flood has had the most impact on me for the past several days. Today I got the call from my mom to come get her. So, at about 9:15 I left work to go get my mom and her animals.

When I was there yesterday the water was still across a small field behind her house and still on the opposite side of her street. Today we drove the boat up to her house and tied it off to her porch, I stepped from the boat to her porch. There was, at that time this morning about 8" of water up her house. It will take about another 6-8 before it gets into her house. We tried to caulk the doors and used heavy duty tape to try and seal the doors as much as possible. I have no idea if it is working or not or if the water has even gotten that high yet. I do know a storage room that is a converted garage, that sits at ground level, had a very little bit of seepage under the door. I think the door had a really good seal around it already, but I added as much caulking as I could anyway. That particular door had water about 4" up on it at the time, so I was quite impressed with the little bit of water that I saw.

Her whole yard is a lake now, as is her whole street and is pushing on being that whole area. There are many homes being impacted by this around here and in many other communities. Every person in this area needs prayers, so please join in with us. Also pray for those families impacted by the Bird's Point- New Madrid Floodway that was initiated with a blast 90 - 100 miles away that shook our house and rumbled for a few seconds. Very impressive of an explosion indeed. There are several families that will lose their houses in that floodway and while I know they have known this since they purchased the property in that knowledge and is noted on their deeds, but that does not mean they should not receive our sympathy and prayers. Their loss will be the gain of many others and I am sorry for their loss, but am glad that it will relieve the flooding in this area.

Once again I just ask for your prayers for everyone in this area. My mom seems to be handling things fairly well, even though she dropped her flood insurance when she paid her house off at the end of last year. Bad timing, but it is God's timing. He is in control of this flood and He is directing the waters. While it is heartbreaking I do know that God has it all under control and nothing is going to surprise Him.

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