Friday, May 27, 2011

This Is Driving Me Nuts

Day 329 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

This diet I am on is driving me nuts. Actually it's driving me to eat nuts, especially cashews, almonds and pecans. I would be eating peanuts as well, but they are not desirable for the type of diet I am following. Also, I don't think the amount of nuts that I am eating is desirable either.

I am actually starting to level out on my weight loss, which might call for some drastic measures. Drastic measure #1 might involve trying to shock my body back into fat burning mode. My reasoning is that if I eat some carbs that I have been avoiding for a day or two my body will start burning fat again or more rapidly. This might cycle my metabolism somehow as I have been virtually carb free for a little over 4 months.

Carbs were a staple to my diet before I started losing weight. Pizza, candy bars, Little Debbie snack cakes, bread of all types, cookies, cake and about anything else I ate was laden in carbs. It was very tasty and very satisfying to me. I guess the fact that I liked things with carbs is why I ended up so much overweight, so that is why modifying my intake of carbs has been marginally successful. Low fat diets never really seemed to do anything for me in the past and I did have limited success with the full blown Atkins diet totally eliminating carbs, but the current diet allows for some basic carbs.

I suppose getting more active would also help me to lose weight. I haven't been doing my surge training at all lately, which might be the thing I need to reactivate my fat burning. I just can't motivate myself to actually start doing it again. I know that I am getting somewhat frustrated with not losing any weight lately, so that frustration might lead to increased activity and the reintroduction of a consistent surge training program. I also need to keep reminding myself why I am losing weight and what my "big why" is. That seems to have slipped from my mind and I need to regain that focus.

So, here's to whatever I end up doing and with prayer and God's help and timing I will achieve the weight loss desired.

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