Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Praying For Joplin

Day 327 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

This is not good. At least in our eyes as loving and caring people. Joplin Missouri was hit two days ago by a devastating tornado. Many lives were lost, homes destroyed and people injured. Now, this evening, two days later there are reports that there is another tornado that has touched down. This community that is still in shock from the first tornado is having to find shelter that is not there and depend on a already stretched infrastructure. May God be merciful.

These types of events always seem so devastating to us, and rightly so. Most of have never gone through anything of this magnitude, so we only imagine what these folks must be dealing with. We do have compassion for these people, but we do not truly understand what they are going through. We try to imagine it, our empathy and sympathy are strong for every one of them, even though we do not know any of them personally. But we still care and we still pray for them.

The only thing of this magnitude I have seen the effects of is Hurricane Katrina. I had the opportunity to go to Louisiana for a couple of work trips. While there I made the trek to New Orleans. While the city had made large strides, the outlying areas were still in ruin. Passing by New Orleans, just a few miles saw neighborhoods empty, except for a few homes that had campers outside, people trying to rebuild and make their lives as normal as hey could. Even though they lost everything to a disaster they persevered and looked to a hope. I have no idea of any of their spiritual condition, but as a Christian my heart broke for them. Seeing that type of destruction first hand really makes it different. It no longer is something that is seen on TV, where there is a disconnect for most. It is real and these are real people.

This is why we must reach out to everyone that we come into contact with, with the gospel. Who knows when something will happen that will take the life of someone you know? As Christians we need to take urgency in spreading the Good News to every creature seriously. I admit, I do not like I should. I work with people every day that are dying and going to hell, but yet I act like nothing is wrong. These souls have the wrath of God abiding on their heads, much worse than any type of disaster could ever compare, and yet I do not flinch. I pray that God works in me and opens up that urgency, I see the need, but do I really comprehend it? I would answer no, since I do not live out what I know I should.

Will these people stand before God on judgment day and point an accusing finger at me and say, "He never told me!" Or will they say, "I should have listened." Hopefully they will not be saying either and be singing praises to the Lord for saving their soul and laying all alms at the feet of Jesus. Oh what a glorious day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see.

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