Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Flood Vs. The Flood

Day 306 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

My pic of the day is a common sight around here these days, as is seeing trucks pulling trailers loaded with sandbags. The most common thing? Water. That is for sure as Paducah is nearing record depths of the Ohio River here.

One can't help but think of Noah and the Great Flood that the Lord used to purge the Earth. He did promise that He would never flood the Earth again in the same manner and gave us the rainbow as a constant reminder (Genesis 9:12-13). Although this flood is just locally, it does make me think of how much water was around then and how devastating it would be. Well, it purged the Earth for one, which means a cleansing or removing of something.

If you think about it, humanity today is much worse than it was in the day of Noah, but yet God is being long suffering against us fallen creatures. Why hasn't He purged the Earth again of the evilness that we have become? The United States kills thousands of babies a day in the name of choice and for convenience sake. I'm not sure about other countries and their abortion rates, but I am sure that other countries are probably in line with ours. Look at the corruption all around us, the things of this world that pander to our flesh on a minute by minute pace. We are bombarded with things to make us feel good about ourselves, to make us "happy", to make us look better, feel better, make our lives easier and on and on. We are a very self centered people that can't seem to get enough of ourselves. We love us and we love us more than we love God.

So, why has God withheld judgment for so long? I have no idea, but I am thankful for His mercy and grace in doing so.

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