Friday, May 6, 2011

God's Plan Through Our Trials

Day 308 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Another trip to my mom's house today. The good news? THere was no signs of water in the main part of her house. We already knew about water being in the storage room, so that was not a surprise. It was a surprise that the water did not seep into the rest of the house. The bad news? It's flooded and will stay flooded for a little while.

While the area has been declared a disaster area, it is not open to FEMA for individual assistance. I am not really sure on their process of determination on things like this. I do know that in 1997 they declared it a disaster area and had help in the area very quickly. It is my understanding that there are FEMA personnel in the area assessing the damage to see if individual assistance will be given. I really hope it is because my mom's house is going to need some work, probably to the floor joists and maybe the floor itself. Also, the electrical system will have to be looked at closely and then be inspected. All of this costs money and the money is just not there at this moment. She paid the house off at the end of last year and cancelled her flood insurance because it had gotten so high. Now, a few months later, this flood comes and the insurance to cover it is not existent anymore. So, the government has a chance to redeem itself in my eyes through this.

Through it all I still know Who s in control. God is firmly in control and He will do as He pleases to bring Himself the glory in this perceived disaster. I just pray that my mom puts focus on Him and that I can continue to point Her in His direction. I can;t imagine going through a disaster like this without God, knowing He is going to carry me/ us through it to the end result that is the best for us. It is great to know He is in control and all I have to do is trust that.

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