Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flood 2011 - Still A Risin'

Day 305 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Another day, another trip to my mom's house via boat. Her reason was to get some things out of the fridge that she didn't want to spoil, but I am fairly sure it was to assess the flooding first hand and see how high the water has gotten.

As you can see the water has indeed made it to the house and is on the porch. It still has about 6 inches or so to make it to the doors. Also if you look close you can see that we have taped the doors to keep the water out as much as possible. Also beneath the tape is caulking to try and fill the cracks and gap between the door and the threshold and door jambs. Anything we can try to keep the water out we will. Her storage room is flooded, it has a few inches of water inside it and is heading up the steps to make it into the main part of the house. I did not make it to that door in time to caulk and tape as it had already started seeping yesterday, so I did as much as I could with it. I caulked and taped the access door too that room, so maybe it will hold if needed.

In this I do have a couple of major questions - Where is FEMA? Why has the President not declared this area a Federal Disaster yet? In 1997 when the area flooded President Clinton was very quick to sign off on Federal aid. President Obama was asked by Kentucky Governor Beshear to declare the area a federal disaster on April 28th. Almost a week later and still nothing. The '97 flood had much less flooding, so what gives? Where are the Feds when you need them? Has the government ran out of money for aid unless you are an auto maker or a bank? It is really starting to get to me a little bit. I sent a email to the White House earlier, but my one little email will probably prove futile. I think a bigger movement needs to happen and I am thinking of how to initiate one. Any suggestions?

Well, that's about it again for another Flood 2011 update. Hopefully I can return to my regular old boring posts.

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