Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Day 333 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I see this little block every time I plug my phone into the computer to charge or transfer something. I usually transfer any picture that I plan on using in this blog series, but today I do not have anything to transfer. I guess my life does not have enough excitement to garner a story every day for a year.

I have a month left now in this little experiment. I will actually be somewhat relieved when it is finished as I sometimes have issues finding a picture or finding time to write. I am committed to it though and I will finish it. If I am anything it is determined to achieve whatever I set out for. I do sometimes get frustrated and make concessions and rethink or redo things I set out to do. Usually it is caused by procrastination or lack of time or both.

One thing that I know I will not give up on is my faith in Christ. I know Peter said the same thing and he actually walked with, talked to, saw and touched Christ in the flesh, so I do say that with fear knowing that I could also falter. Christ is my Rock, my Friend, my Healer, my Comforter and my Savior. If not for Him I would be on a road to damnation, but instead He gave me life. In Him I place my trust and my hope and only in Him do I have either of those things. I would be truly lost without Him in more ways than one.

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