Saturday, May 21, 2011

David Crowder Band Calling It Quits

Day 324 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Oh David Crowder Band, you hit us with bad news today. This year will mark the release of their last CD and last tour as a band. You can read about it on the DC*B website, so I will not go into detail here.

Since being converted I fell in love with Christian music. The first Christian CD I ever bought was Jeremy Camp's "Carried Me: The Worship Project". I listened to that nonstop and learned the songs forward and backwards. Even now when I hear a different version, a different arrangement and/ or from a different artist I always think they are doing it "wrong" because it's not how Jeremy recorded it. After Jeremy Camp I fell in love with the music of The David Crowder Band. I thought lead man, Crowder, looked mighty funny with his Q-Tip hair do (or hair don't is better) and his long gotee. But the lyrics to their songs, the unique sound of their music and the innovative things they did always brought me back for more. I have all of their releases, including the re-mixes and live releases that are normally the songs off of the release directly before those. I even have the CD "All I Can Say" by the DC*B forerunner group from the University Worship Band with backing vocals by Robbie Seay. I have yet to find a copy of the first release of "Pour Over Me". If anyone has a copy of this I would be interested in purchasing it, so send me a message.

Over the years since my conversion God has awakened me to the music I listen to. He instantly took away the secular music that had root in me, then over the following years He has slowly shown me that not all professing Christian bands are releasing actually God honoring music. I would say that a lot of the professing Christian bands and singers are probably deceived about their salvation like the rest of the false converts are. I do have a few knowledgeable friends of the CCM industry and I have heard stories about groups that profess Christ, yet have their groupie stories and drinking stories while on tour. Some really ungodly activities from some well known groups. Also, if you really stop and listen to lyrics every now and then of the songs played on the radio, or even in your own collection, you will soon discover that most of the songs are really man focused and only mention God or Jesus as a side note. The David Crowder Band has not been one of these questionable bands to me.

I can almost say with certainty that we will still hear from David Crowder and I would also guess that other members will make appearances here and there. I know that the "split" is under good terms and that there is no bad blood between any of them, they are all buddies and I think that will be displayed from here on out as they help each other out with their respective projects. I am just not too happy to hear we only will get one more release of new material and especially one more tour. I have seen them a few times and really enjoyed it each time. I am also trying to figure out how in the world I will be able to make it to any of the dates on the "7 Tour" because none of them are within a good driving distance of Paducah KY. I think Indianapolis is the closest at just over 5 hours away, which would mean that a hotel would be necessary as well as a vacation day to get there in time to not be rushed or risk being late.

I bid the band adieu. I thank you all for your contributions, your music, your humor and your down to earthedness (yep, just made up a word there). I will pray for you all on this last endeavor and beyond, when you cross my mind. God has used your music and I believe He will continue to use it for many years to come. I love you guys and your music will always be a part of my testimony to the Lord.

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