Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yes, That Is Redundantly Repetitive

Day 277 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

What is that in my picture today? Yes, it is a yummy Diet Coke, but do you think it is a 2 Liter? How about a 20 oz? Nope to both, take another look at the label. It's a 12oz bottle, which is the same contents as a can. For some reason they have started selling the 12 oz. bottles and all I can think of is that they might one day phase out the 12 oz. cans. No huge deal on the surface of the issue, but it would take a lot of aluminum out of the market place, since Coke and Diet Coke are now reported as the #1 and #2 choices. But what would a choice like that do to our landfills? Our environment?

Do I rally know why the Coca Cola Company chose to make this redundant, repeated size? Not at all, but I say the more the merrier. Diet Coke is my favorite thing to drink, even though I've heard it can mess with your memory. I also know that they charge more money for these little rascals. It may seem like a better price, but they do mark them up higher than the cans. I am really a stickler for how much I will pay for my drinks too. I will no longer buy the 20 oz. bottles because they cost more than a 2 liter. I will only buy a 2 liter if it is $1.25 or less and I will not pay over $300 for a 12 pack of cans. And I have been a loyal Diet Coke drinker since I was 14, which was 28 years ago. But enough is enough with the price increases.

It does seem like everything is getting higher priced. Gas is at an all time high, approaching $4 a gallon. This in turn drives the transportation costs up, which then raises the price of the products. I do know who is in control of everything though. This may all be part of the push towards a single world currency, which would then make way for a single global government. Who knows except the Lord right now? All I know is the days are getting closer to an end. This should make Christians more diligent about telling others about our Savior. We should be telling everyone we meet about the Lord and His grace. We should be broadcasting the seeds of His Word far and wide and leaving the results up to Him. Just GO! Do what each and every Christian is called to do and that is share the gospel with every creature.

We are all missionaries to this dying world. We are His Body and we have our directives. Now let's all do what we know we need to do. He has allowed us to partner with Him in spreading His Gospel and we should take that serious. I do not enough and so I am preaching to myself as well. Let's all seek God's guidance and will for our own path. Ask that He opens our eyes to the opportunities that He has already given us and take them to tell of our God. After all, that's what we should be doing anyway.

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