Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's The Point?

Day 279 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I've been saving Coke points for a while now. I've also been using them for a while too. Over the years we have gotten tickets for the family to Six Flags, A cool Diet Coke director's chair, several 12-pack coupons, a couple pair of Skull Candy ear buds, a die cast truck and other things that slip my mind right now.

The caps pictured are worth 3 points each, 12 packs are 10 points each, cases of 24 cans are 20 points and the 32 packs from Sam's Club are 25 points each. Right now my point level is a little over 6,100 and this is after getting all of the things I listed earlier. Thing is that right now there is not a lot of offering in the reward store. So, I must keep collecting points looking forward to something "better". Actually I am looking for something that "better" suits my likes but is not necessarily better.

That's how we often look at a lot of things through life, the "something better" out on the horizon that we can't quite make out yet. We just know that what we have before us is not satisfying enough, so we long for something "better". That is, until we meet the One that satisfies every longing our souls have ever had. When you come face to face with Christ everything else pales in comparison to Him. Not that we will not have any other "wants" in life, but our "wants" will be radically changed because of Him. This is what Psalms 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". This does not mean a new Escalade or 3,000 square foot house, but that your heart will be changed and He will change your desires to things that glorify Him. Now that is awesome, but contrary to a lot of the messages from pulpits today.

Has God given you new desires? Do you still walk with "self" as your focus or is Christ your focus? Are your steps ordered by the Living God or do you wander aimlessly through life kicking dust and wasting your life? Is your "wants" greater than what scripture says your wants should be a child of God? If yes, then you probably need to do some deep soul searching and long communing with God to see if you are His child or not. Certain things scripture says will be evidenced in your life as a Christian and if they are missing then you are proven not to be His. At this link is a transcript of a sermon by Bro. Paul Washer that shows a lot better than my feeble words can even start to. Please read through it and pray as you do for God to open up your true state before Him.

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