Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting For The Crest

Day 301 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Well, my Mom faked me out again today. I received a picture in a text message from my Mom's phone #. Turns out that she had to get someone else to send it for her as she has given up on trying to send it herself. 2 Days ago I wrote about her lack of electronic prowess and it seems that the seclusion and hours and hours to figure out her phone are turning up fruitless. I think she just gave up though and is no longer trying to send them, which is fine.

This picture that she sent is looking the opposite way from the picture 2 days ago. This is actually looking toward the direction that the river is in relation to her house. This is normally a gravel road that starts right after the blacktop ends from her road. It is about 1 - 1 1/2 miles to the normal place the river is, but as you can see the river is fast encroaching through the fields and down the roads.

She does seem a little less frantic over the past couple of days. I think it may be because the flood waters have remained fairly steady, but they are calling for the river to rise another 2-5 feet. We think she will be okay, as far as her property goes. It is not looking like it will get to her house, but you never know. So, we will have to work fast if she starts to feel threatened by the rising water. It's a wait and see right now and probably will be through the time the waters recede.

Please keep praying for everyone around here. Also please pray for those south of us ht by the rash of tornadoes 2 days ago.

Also wanted to let you know that the City of Paducah has installed 2 webcams that show the progress of the river. Here is a link to the camera, which refreshes every minute.

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