Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tater Day 2011 - 168 Years Of Taters And Counting

Day 274 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

This Monday will be the 168th Annual Tater Day Celebration in a little town called Benton Kentucky, just about 20 miles from here. I have attended every year that I can remember either on Tater Day Monday or the weekend preceding. When I was young I went with my parents and it was a big deal to me then. Now, not so much and I pretty much just go out of tradition and to check out the flea market.

Tater Day started as a day that farmers would bring their sweet potatoes to town to sell them. It has evolved over the years into what it is today - a parade and a city wide flea market and carnival. The most noted part of the event now (and also infamous part) is the flying of Confederate flags by many attendees. To me it means nothing, it is a small country area that folks seem to have latched onto the Confederate flag as their own, but to some it is seen as a symbol of hate. This is due to the slavery and the Confederate States condoning of the practice. Not sure how much that plays into the minds of the attendees, but to those that do not attend they see it as racially motivated. I'll not choose sides and don't care to step into that debate. People fly the flags, people don't like it, arguments ensue. Who's right? Who's wrong? Not my call.

I do know that any gathering with this many people in attendance is call for sharing the gospel. I suggest that any time you have the opportunity to pass out tracts or do a little street preaching at an event like this to do so. Handing out tracts is great, especially if you have some available that seem to fit the theme of the event. This year Custom Tract Source happen to have released a Confederate $500 bill Tract just in time to order them and get them in hand. Since Tater Day holds the stigma of the Confederate Flog these bills were perfect. I showed them to a brother and he thought they would be great as well, so there ya go. 500 tracts were purchased and many people will have the gospel in hand. I know if they are like other money tracts people will hold on to them for as long as they can and will also show them to their friends as a novelty. So, these tracts have the potential to reach many with the truth of the Word.

I would ask you to pray that these tracts bare much fruit for the Kingdom. Also pray that God will show you the opportunities to share with others and to show you events that you could pass tracts out at. If you have a themed event coming up in your area send me a message and I will help you find tracts to match. If we can't find any the staff of Real Truth Matters can possibly get some made tailored to your event. This is a sideline for RTM, but we have had some great looking designs and products made.

Take any opportunity God gives you to share His Word. Share what He has done for you and let them know the hope that lies inside of you. God's goodness is too great to not share, especially with your loved ones, family and friends.

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