Friday, April 22, 2011

Quality? Who Needs It?

Day 294 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I was looking for a video tp post on Facebook of two different song. The first was "Sunday" by Tree63, which I thought would be a good Good Friday post, seeing how Sunday is coming. Then I was looking for "Amazing Love" by the Newsboys and/ or Chris Tomlin and quickly discovered something, that their is a lack of good quality videos of Christian songs on Youtube. I might just have to remedy that. I think just a basic computer program that automatically puts your chosen pictures into a slide show would be better than the video portion of these videos.

I am not quite sure, however, what the copyright laws are. I do know that some videos that people upload with certain songs gets the audio disabled by Youtube. I assume that their technology is similar to the iPhone app "Shazam", which allows you to capture small portions of songs and then tells you the name, performer and gives you a handy link to buy the MP3 version of the song. Great technology and actually kind of impressive.

So, where do I start? Maybe with these 2 videos that I mentioned. I'm sure it would be a great undertaking to make videos that would actually compliment these songs and the thousands of others on Youtube. Who knows, I might just start playing around for the practice of using the great programs that I am fortunate to have.

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Whitt said...

there is a lack of good Christian videos period.