Saturday, April 16, 2011

Out With The Old

Day 288 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Another "Free Dump Day" has come and gone here in Paducah. Getting ready for today started, for me, on Thursday evening. I had originally planned that taking a vacation day on Friday would be the best time to start loading stuff up. We ended up having a huge chance for rain for Friday, so I started loading Thursday evening and covered the truck load up with a tarp. Good thing I heeded the weather forecast, because it rained - and it rained a lot.

I ended up making 2 runs to the dump, which saved us about $50 in fees. It was a fairly painless process and I only had to wait with the first load, because everyone in front of me had big trailers full of trash and debris. No big deal, because 15 minutes gave me time to take the tarp off of the truck and quietly watch the goings on.

My picture today was taken while I was waiting for the go ahead to pull into my designated drop off location. These workers were the ones taking the appliances that people were disposing of. Honestly, I didn't see these people working very much while I set there for my 15 minute wait. Not saying that they didn't do anything, but for that 15 minutes they were highly overpaid. The other workers were very friendly and helpful and complimented my old truck. I even had one guy ask me if I wanted to sell it on my second trip, which I declined to do.

I completed the tasks I set out to do this morning. The rest of the day was spent with my beautiful wife and the evening with the whole family. All the boys were here, including Matt, who brought Emily over to visit. She is really showing a lot now at 30 weeks along. So, counting baby Elliott, we had 7 folks here for dinner and a little talking. It was a great day and I thanked God for His provisions throughout the day.

Looking forward to tomorrow now, awaiting what God has in store for services. He is doing something within our body and it is wonderful to see His hands in each family at Oak Grove.

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