Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Man River - Flood Of 2011

Day 298 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

We drove down to the river this evening to see history being made for our area. The flood of 2011 has been predicted to be "catastrophic" and "epic" by national news outlets. As of right now I would guess that the level is still pre-1997 magnitude, but it is raining right now and raining hard at times. We are also being predicted to receive more rain in the coming days. I'm sure the timing means a lot to flooding vs. adequate time to drain and I am praying that there is enough time between rain and drain to keep the waters at bay at my moms house and several friends houses.

In my pictures you will see the concrete flood wall that protects our fair city from the Ohio River. This flood wall was put into place after the 1937 Flood that ravaged many communities and did over $22,000,000 worth of damage to Paducah, which in 21st Century dollars would be in the billions. You can read about the 12.2 mile system here. I also failed to mention that some of the system is earthen and actually starts right down the street from our house. I think the natural topography of this area serves as a barrier also because we are kind of up on a small hill. Our house is actually a little over 100 ft higher than my workplace is, according to my wife's new GPS unit that tell your elevation.

Seeing this much water this close to the flood wall system is truly amazing. I see the river and its raw power and it amazes me. The same water that gives life to us can also take that same life away in an instant. I never underestimate any of God's creation and the power that He puts behind it. If, when you look at His creation, you are not awestruck. Think of the power that a lot of people cower to like storms and catastrophes, but yet never acknowledge the God that created these forces and the laws that govern them. So many people fear nature more than they do our God. How is that? How can you fear something that at most can kill your physical body, but yet not fear the One that can destroy both body and soul in hell? Matthew 10:28

So many people are deceived these days and it shows through their lifestyle. Many people profess to know God, but how can they if they live like they do not know Him? Titus 1:16 lays this out for us, rather bluntly. This single verse reputes 90% of the folks that claim to be Christians in this world (my guesstimation, not scientific). These people are the same ones that are mentioned in Matthew 7:23 when Jesus tells the false professing Christians to depart from Him on Judgment Day. Notice too that these same people cast out demons and healed people. How many people have you healed and how many demons have you cast out? For me that would be a big zero.

I pray that many are awakened to the Truth of Scripture and repent of their self centered religion that is dragging them to hell. Millions of people will end up in hell because of false teachers. This is one of the reasons we must stand up against the heresy that comes forth in the Name of Christ. Be diligent, fight the good fight and keep praying for these poor souls.

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