Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now That Is Nasty

Day 282 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Well, this blog series is on the wind down stages of my 365 day journey through my life in a picture a day chunks. My birthday will be about 10 weeks or so, July 2nd, and that will be my last post in the series. Hopefully I will continue to post more often than I was before this series. Sporadic posts were the norm for me, but I never really tried to force myself to write anything.

Saying all of that, what blog series is not complete without a post about fake owl puke? This stuff has got to be the sickest product I have ever seen. Apparently owls regurgitate bones, hair and feathers of the birds and mice that they consume. Kind of like a big cat hairball, I guess. Whatever it is, this products is SICK. No wonder these ended up in the local clearance store. I anticipate seeing them around for a while on the shelves, until they run them 90% off anyways. At 90% off it would make them $.40, which is even within my budget to buy as a gag (no pun intended) gift.

I would just like to know who would give one of these to their child. It does recommend not giving them to children under 3, but I would recommend to not give them to any child, without qualifying it with an age. At best these could be used in a biology class for demonstration purposes, but not as a play thing for a kid.

Saying all of that, I must add that I am a bit intrigued by these things now. I wouldn't mind seeing how these things look in person and doing their thing. Yeah, curiosity killed the cat or mouse and starling in this case. I'd like to see how accurate these nasty specimens are. So, if anyone buys one of these sets let me know how it looks, send me a picture or a video.

Normally in my blog posts I swing to spiritual things, but this post I will not do so. I think it would be demeaning. So, with that, I will end this post and resume posting "normal" subject matter tomorrow.

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