Friday, April 1, 2011

The Master's Masterpiece

Day 273 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Aren't the pictures that God paints in the sky wonderful? How many times have you looked upward at the splashes of colors across the sky and praised God for allowing you to see that particular sight, at that particular time? Have you ever wondered if anyone else was looking at the sky and marveling at the Master's masterpiece? I have and I do in the mornings and the evenings when God brightens the sky with colors.

The morning's are particularly the time that I wonder if others are gazing upward. I know a lot of people are still asleep at sunrise or too busy on their way to work to look upward. I know that the light refraction through the atmosphere is what causes these different colors, but God never ceases to amaze me when He paints with our sky as His canvas.

This morning the sun was almost a blood red poking through the morning sky. Normally you can't look directly at the sun, but this morning was rare in that I was able to gaze toward it my whole drive to work. I am guessing that the full force of the sun's rays had not yet made it through the millions of miles to my eyes. Looking directly at the sun was amazing enough to me, but added to the oranges and reds across the sky made it even more so beautiful.

I hope that I never stop being amazed by God's handiwork and how He continues to show Himself through His creation. May we all stop to look more and praise God more for His graces upon us. May we be reminded through His creations of His gift of salvation and for His love for us.

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You can't be serious said...

Many mornings as I drive to work, I marvel at the beauty of the skies and I praise God for the colors and sights that only He can create. Many mornings God uses it to change my focus from the days work ahead to His glory and the work He is doing in me. ~ Paul Rikel