Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Got You Babe

Day 300 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Isn't technology amazing? The gift that God has given us to explore, entertain, learn and cure is really mind boggling at times. Like my picture today. That is my grandson Elliott, in utero, still about 2 months from making his official arrival on this side of mommy's belly. But look at the detail of his face that can be seen using sound waves through Emily's belly. Amazing, simply amazing.

This little bundle of joy will be making his grand appearance toward the end of June. He already has a lot of fans and those fans have a lot of plans for him. I'm sure for the first year or two he will be readily accepting of others plans, but as he begins to grow and to develop his own personality he will more than likely start exerting his own plans. It's inevitable and expected and all part of the life process as we forge our our likes and dislikes, wants and desires.

Another thing that all babies have born in them is a sinful nature. Yes, even sweet baby Elliott who has not even taken his first breath yet has the DNA of sin embedded in him. It would not be a stretch for me to say that he could be raised without anyone at all telling him a lie or even telling him what a lie is and for him to blurt one out one day. Maybe it will be for self preservation to avoid punishment or maybe it will be to gain something he desires. What the lie will be is a desire of selfishness in whatever capacity that it is exerted, he will sin. He may even sin more than one time, actually I am exaggerating a bit, he will sin many times and will probably sin daily.

He will be born as all of humanity has since Cain and Abel, with a sin nature inherited from Adam and Eve. That sin nature and essence separates us from the Holy God of the Universe. He is perfect and He requires perfection to be in His presence. That is why without a perfect Mediator we can not have the fellowship with God that we desperately need. The Mediator? Jesus Christ. Christ was born perfect, lived a perfect and sinless life. He bore our sins upon Himself, willingly, so that we may once again have access to the Father. If not for that sacrifice we would be hopeless and doomed, but thanks to God's grace he made the Way for us to regain fellowship. We must only trust in Christ, not just with lip service, but a total upheaval of self and a total casting of ourselves to Him. In Him we place our trust, we trust that He will save us. No amount of working can gain us the salvation that was purchased by His blood on the cross of Calvary. He bore all sins and finished it all, if you would only trust and believe in Him, totally.

Are you trusting in something other than Christ to have saved you? Many place their trust in a prayer or in a profession of faith, as I did for 30 years of my life. Others will point to a preacher's admonishment and affirmation as their proof of salvation. To those things I say you are trusting in a false idol. Only Christ can save you and only Christ can change you. No manner of working, no manner of doing good deeds, no amount of church attendance, no amount of feeding the poor or even reading the bible will save you. Only Jesus Christ. Only the full submission to Him will you find the hope. Is that where your hope lies?

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