Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hi - Ho Silver

Day 284 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I'm sure this coin is worth a few dollars and increasing daily. After all, everything seems to be going up right now, but especially gold and silver. This is due to inflation and the continued decline of the "worth" of the dollar. Many people are turning to precious metals to have something tangible "just in case" in the future.

I was talking this over with a friend at work yesterday and I mentioned that if I had some extra money I would definitely be investing it in gold or silver. He made a very good point that I hope comes out right, because it was great. He said that even gold and silver will not be worth much if and when a financial collapse happens in this country. He gave an example that he would much rather have a chicken than a bar of gold, because no one will really want a bar of gold, but everyone would want a chicken because it is usable. Very good point and put things into a little better perspective for me on the "value" placed on certain things by us humans.

I do for-see a very big financial meltdown, soon. I do have money invested in a 401K that will probably be wiped out and the little bit I earn at work will be worthless then as well. It is a scary thought if you think about how you will learn to survive without relying on money as your means of obtaining goods and services. If/ when our currency collapses what will we use? Gold? Silver? Gas? Anything else that someone puts a value on? All I've got to say is, "I'm not really worried about it".

Not being worried about something as serious as a total change of life for everyone does sound kind of flippant and arrogant, but I know my Source. I know that my Father will supply my needs as He sees fit for what condition He wants to place me in. I may have a totally different lifestyle then, but I will still be resting in the knowledge that God is in full control and nothing is taking Him by surprise.

Too many people want to place their hope and life in the money that is in their bank account. The more money they make the happier they are, or seemingly happy they are. I'm sure someone that strives for more money is really feeling down about now. They are putting their hope in an inanimate object that scripture calls the love of as the root of all kinds of evil. The large bank account they have worked so hard for, given up valuable time with their family for will be wiped out and they will be devastated. Their reason for living will be lost, to amass as much money as possible. Where will they turn then? Maybe a some will see the error in their ways and repent and turn to God as their supply, but I would chance to say that most will be shaking their fist at God and telling Him that He allowed them to go broke. Some may even resort to suicide because their whole reason for living will be gone.

We have to watch in our lives for the idols that seem to sneak in. This can be any number of things from people, jobs, a hobby, TV, the internet, your children or anything else that is elevated above God. We must be constantly aware of how depraved we are and how easily we turn our gaze from Christ. We have the greatest Treasure and we often times want to trade Him for temporal things that hold no eternal value and will be gone one day. We must cling to our Savior and resist our flesh to build idols in our life that distracts us. Focus is the key. Focus on Christ. Gaze upon Him every waking moment and commune with Him constantly. Do not give room for anything to wedge in between you and Him even a little. Call out to God to strengthen you for this and to burden your conscience if something does creep in unnoticed,

God alone is worthy of our praise.

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