Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Color Of My Youth

Day 292 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

While cleaning up at my dad's old house I came across this coloring book from my childhood. As you can see I was 11 years old when I colored the pictures. The City of Paducah held a coloring contest for kids and my brother and I participated. This was part of the annual Paducah Summer Festival, which was always a a week of events that my whole family looked forward to. Unfortunately, the "powers that be" within the Paducah city government have decided for the first year in 44 years there will not be a festival. They cite declining attendance and lack of funds in a down turned economy, but I cite mismanagement and greed.

Got off subject a little on my rant against the city's decision, so I apologize.

My memory is not any where near what I want it to be. My childhood is fuzzy, at best, with a few memories that still hold on. I do remember other times and happenings when I am reminded of things for one reason or another, usually a picture, song or just thinking back and trying to actually remember things on purpose. It does bother me that I can't remember more and only remember generalities when I do remember things. I know it is one area that I have never really sought God in and asked for Him to open up my mind and allow my memory to actually work better.

I would really love to be able to retain information and recall it at will. I see it as a curse in one way, a very big way, but then again I see it as a blessing in some ways too. It is great to not remember why I get mad about something, so I forget about it easily and move on, I don't hold a lot of grudges this way, if any at all. This comes in real handy being married, so I do see the good in a seemingly "bad" area. I would just like to be able to memorize scripture easier or be able to take some seminary classes and retain the information instead of it being lost. It is hard work for me to remember things and I find myself jotting notes here and there, then when I find the note I have forgotten what it means. So, you can see I have it bad.

Once again, this is yet another area of my life where I do not seek God as I should. I praise Him that He allowed me to see my failure in not trusting Him for healing in this area. I will definitely be seeking God to do some healing in my mental state and lack of memory. One more reason to praise God.

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