Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Really Diggin' It

Day 257 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

"Diggin' what?" You might ask, by this blogs title, especially when compared to the picture of the day. I'm referring to us digging out of debt. This is a stack of bills that are due in the next couple of weeks. The electric bill and car payment are within this stack too, so they're not all credit card bills, just mostly.

This is a perfect example of having to live with the consequences of sin, even after you are forgiven. We accumulated a lot of unsecured, credit card debt over the first few years of our marriage. After I was soundly converted and later my wife, we realized that our spending habits were not glorifying God in the least bit. He has changed us to now have the desire to dig out of this mound of debt we have lived under. This shows that sinful habits, even years prior, have consequences that must be dealt with.

Other areas of "life" that have sin issues from your past are like this as well. A lot of sins carry emotional baggage for people as they can't seem to shake how sinful they once were. That is good in a way, because it allows one to share just how awesome God is in extending His saving grace on even the vilest of sinners. It can also be a hindrance to a person. If a child of God can't understand that their sins are forgiven they will always dwell on them. Jesus paid the price on the cross for all the sins of His people, even the ones you have not even committed yet. This is not a "grace card" or a license to sin, but it is a testimony to the Lord's wrath being satisfied at Calvary. Christ bore all of our sins and we are no longer condemned. We are free of the shackles of sins grip. Until we realize just how amazing grace is, we are not accurately seeing God for how awesome he really is.

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