Monday, March 14, 2011

Tightening The Belt

Day 255 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

My weight loss has been productive so far. Not as much lost as I would like to, but the pounds are still being shed slowly but surely. I am at a point now where it gets frustrating because I am still doing the same things I have been, but not seeing much in the results column. Hopefully it is just a lull and the fat burning will kick back in.

The picture today is of the holes in my belt. If you look close you can see the imprints of where I have been wearing the belt in the past. I actaully wore the belt in the second from the end for a little while.I am down to the first hole now in the belt. I will either need to punch new holes or get a new belt. Knowing me and my "cheapness" it will be punching new holes.

I will say that my focus on weight loss hasn't been there the past couple of weeks. I have remained steadfast in my diet, no cheating at all. My exercise I did not do this morning because I am not feeling very well. Some issue with my throat has me way under the weather. My voice is really messed up right now in that it almost feel like I am gagging when I speak. Not fun and it is affecting my whole head. Headache, neck stiffness, earaches, increased ringing in the ears and a very dry mouth are the norm as of late. So, whenever I feel physically up to resuming my exercise program I will probably kick the weight loss back in.

I do wonder if I would "cheat" on the diet every now and then if it would trick my body into kicking on the calorie burning furnace again. Maybe a one step back, two steps forward mentality. I may try that in a week or two if I do not start seeing better results. I will also intensify my exercising as much as possible and I really need to add resistance training into the fold as well.

My main focus now needs to be on God, as always. If I seek Him as I should and allow Him to work through this process, stay focused on my "big why" things should really turn around. One of my reasons within my "big why" for losing weight is to bring glory to God. Through the whole process of diet modification and exercising I need to think of God and commune with Him and ask Him to work this to my physical well being. I am about 40% in to my 90 day weight loss goal, but I am also over 40% down in my time too. I know it may seem petty to some to seek God through a weight loss program, but I believe He cares and encourages through all issues and trials, no matter how small they may seem to me or anyone else. I will praise Hm through this time, even if my personal weight loss goal is not met, I will still have met with God more because of this. That is worth it all, even if I don't lose another pound.

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