Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sendoff For A Brother

Day 247 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

This evening our church gathered together for a send off party for our brother Josh as he embarks on a military career. He will leave for basic training in about a week then following that will be a candidate for officer training. We are all family at Oak Grove and we all wanted to be there to "officially" wish him well. We prayed for him this morning corporately and I am sure we will all be praying for him throughout this career path. We all met up at Guadalajara Restaurant and filled the place up. The owner, Victor, and his family and employees did a wonderful job in serving us this evening. This restaurant is highly recommended in my book. If you go tell Victor that his "favorite customer" sent you.

He has a wonderful family, which is also our family, so we will all pull together as a body and help his wife and 2 children in whatever way needed. This is the way a family works and this is the first time I have been part of a church body that does this to this extent. Praise God for His mercies on our body of believers to allow this love, His love, to permeate through all of us. Without His love we would not know how to love brothers and sisters the way He has allowed us to.

Please join with Oak Grove as we keep Josh and his family in our prayers. If you are a child of God then he is also your brother and his family is your family too. You may never meet them this side of heaven, but one day in glory you can say, "Hey Josh, I was praying for you and your family when you went into the service of our country".

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