Thursday, March 10, 2011

Right On Tract

Day 251 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

The guys over at Custom Tract Source have just came out with a really cool looking tract. It is actually perfect for an area local festival that heavily leans on the Confederate history in its festivities. Well, not really the festivities as much as the ones that attend like to wave Confederate flags and such. This makes this festival perfect for these tracts, or vice-versa in that these tracts are perfect for the festival.

The festival? Tater Day. The place? Benton KY. The time? First Monday in April, along with the weekend before. How many times I have been? Almost every year that I can remember, but mostly and lately the weekend before and not the actual Monday of Tater Day. Reason for going? The flea market now, to run around like a heathen when I was younger. So, I am really familiar with what is there, what happens there and what type of people attend the happenings. This is how I know that these tracts are a perfect fit and that, prayerfully, they will be used to further the Kingdom and glorify God. The hopes are to be able to use these tracts as ice breakers to share what God has done in our lives and to share the Gospel with as many people as possible. Of course, the message on the reverse of the tract is not going to be that well received by the majority, but in being obedient we know that God will use this time to glorify Himself.

As Sons of God we are commanded to share the Gospel and to make disciples. Are we doing this as a body? I would say not as we should be. We, as Christians, need to start following out he great commission in our hometown, our local area, our state and this world. We barely, if ever, even share the gospel within the confines of our own home or at our job. Why is that? Do we think someone else is supposed to be doing this, or that all we need to do is invite people to go to church with us? Never sharing what God has done for us, too ashamed to bow our head before our meal at work, not bat an eyelash when someone uses the Name of God as a curse word and then expect everyone to just kind of assimilate what we "believe"? That's not how it operates, my friends. As God is our Lord, we are to follow His commands, striving for His acceptance and not the false acceptance of those around us. We should not give second thought about someone being offended at our proclamation of Jesus IS Lord.

I do understand that this mentality is not readily accepted and goes against the teaching of most churches. They say accept everyone, never be offensive, always "love" the sinner and hate the sin. Hog wash! (To use a Tater Day term). Show me in the Word where we are to do any of those things and I will happily apologize and recant my words here. We are to be salt and light to this dark and dying world, not just happy-go-lucky people walking around with smiles and t-shirts with ICHTHUS on them. The most loving thing you could ever do to a person is tell them their need of the Savior. Explain to them their sinful and wretched sate before the Holy God and then tell them the grace of God through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. That is and should be the message of EVERY Christian and if it is not then you may seriously need to examine your own standing before God. If the Gospel doesn't resonate in your heart then God does not know you and has not converted you. You, my friend, still have the wrath of God on your head. Turn to Him, turn from your sin, cry out to God to save you not because of what you have done but only for what Christ has done. Repent and believe is all you can do and pray for the mercy of God to be bestowed on you. Until God changes you into a new creation, then you are still on the path of destruction and not on the narrow path to His Kingdom.

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