Saturday, March 26, 2011

Payin' The Bills

Day 267 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Had to do a little running this morning in preparation for a long evening. Stopped and paid the electric bill (picture) and got gas in the car for the trip to Nashville today. We are going with the Boy Scouts (2 youngest boys are in boy scouts) so they can play laser tag a few hours then to watch the Nashville Predators play hockey. So, had to pay the electric bill this morning before we left.

Paying the bills is one facet to our jobs. We make money to supply our families needs, to support our church and to use in other ways that God impresses on us to use His money. His money? Yes, we are just caretakers of it, since He gives us everything, He is the Source. Without His provisions in our life we would not have the jobs that we do or the income that we do. For this we should give thanks constantly. We should always be aware that He freely gives and we should do the same. Not just with our money, but with our time. We need to invest in others, disciple them as scripture tell us.

May we all be aware that everything flows through God. May we all allow everything we have to flow through us, for His glory.

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