Sunday, March 27, 2011

Officially A Hockey Fan Now

Day 268 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I'm taking a little liberty with my rules on this picture of the day. Reason being is we didn't get home until after midnight this morning and I want to include this memory in this series.

Chandra, the boys, their Boy Scout troop a few parents and I ventured to Nashville yesterday. Reason? So the boys could play a couple games of laser tag and then off to a Nashville Predators NHL hockey game. They were playing the Dallas Stars and ended up winning 4-2. The main picture is of the first of two goals of the evening by Mike Fisher (aka Mr. Carrie Underwood). The second is the actual view of the rink from our seats.

As a bonus, the section we were sitting in had unlimited food and drinks included in the ticket price. This was a "good deal" in that we would have had to spend a ton of money on just drinks alone. Bad news? They had Diet Pepsi and not Diet Coke.

This was the first hockey game I have ever been to and only the second professional sporting event of my life. I saw the St. Louis Cardinals play back when I was 12 or so, back when Ozzy Smith was still playing because about all I remember is him doing his backflip onto the field. I actually had a good time watching the game, even though I am not 100% on the rules, except you make a point by getting the puck in the goal.

I do not interact with the Boy Scouts very much as it's the boys dad's activity he has for them. But, I am going to pray that God opens the door so that I may be able to speak to the pack some time about God and share my testimony. They are based in a Episcopal Church's basement (and sponsored by the church), so I'm not sure if they would allow someone outside their congregation to speak to them. I know God is able to open doors and tear down any barriers that I could see. Biggest barrier would be me though and not the ok to speak to them. I am no speaker, but I really feel that I should be allowing God to use me in that capacity. It would be dramatic proof that it was all God, at least to me. I would definitely make it one of my points in my talk that God is where my strength was flowing and not from me.

Prayerfully He will tear down the obstacles in my own mind and then work on the others that I have imagined. I have no idea the spiritual standing of any of the pack leaders or the boys in the pack, but do know that God is able to save anyone. He can even save those that were "saved" when hey were a 8 year old that lived in deception for 30 years. God is mighty to save and mighty to show His grace and power if we only make ourselves available. I have done so in other area and He is using me in ways I know are not from my sheer willpower, but by His power.

I've always said, "God just wants you to make yourself willingly available and He will take care of the rest". That is a truth that I have lived first hand.

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