Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's All About You. Not!

Day 261 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Yesterday was my wife's Birthday. No, before anyone I asks, I will not tell you how old she is, but when I turn 43 this year she will be 4 years younger than me. Enough hints, I don't want to give it away.

We had dinner with her family at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant here in Paducah. It was yummy as ever and is highly recommended by me. Her mom was in town from Arkansas and all of her brothers and sisters came out for dinner too (except two brothers). It was a great dinner and a great time by all, catching up on things and re-telling stories of days gone by. One of Chandra's aunts brought her a little gift bag and it had 2 balloons attached to the bag. I really did not pay that much attention to them last night, but did read them and what one of them said just went right over my head.

I'll shift gears to this morning's message at church from Bro. Michael Durham at Oak Grove. He is continuing the series on the Sermon on the Mount and made it this morning to verses 38-42 of Matthew 5. The sermon was titled "The Sin of Self-Centerdness" and went in depth about the 5 verses in Matthew. These are the verses that Jesus tells us to "turn the other cheek", to "go the extra mile", "give someone the shirt off your back" and to not turn anyone away that asks to borrow something from you. Needless to say, the sermon was about being self centered and broke down how Jesus was telling the Disciples (and us) that being focused on "ME" is not a trait of a follower of His, that it is "not all about me". I highly recommend that you download the whole series on the Sermon on the Mount so you get the whole picture. Today's message does stand on its own, but Bro. Michael really pulls out the nuances of scripture that most of us seem to overlook.

Now, after telling you about the sermon this morning you can see why the message on the balloon caught my eye. While having lunch I happened to look the way of the balloon and chuckled. Chandra asked me why I laughed, so I told her how I equated the balloons message with the sermon. She wasn't as amused as I was.

This evening we are attending a concert here in Paducah. Kind of a day late birthday present for her. Matthew West and Josh Wilson will be performing at the Carson Center in our Downtown area. it is a beautiful venue, but they do not allow you to take pictures inside, so there may not be any posted on my blog or on Facebook. We do get to participate in the "Meet and Greet" thanks to getting our tickets early and an "artist's circle" seating. We have been this close at this venue before (2nd row), but none of those performers offered meet and greets, so this should be extra fun.

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