Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Day 249 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Today's picture comes courtesy of a screen capture of an email from one of my favorite restaurants, Genghis Grill. We do not have a GG in the immediate area, so we have to drive to Franklin Tennessee to partake of the scrumptious morsels. I invite each of you to see if there is a Genghis Grill near you and be prepared to visit again and again and again.

So, the email I received today was advertising their "Fish Fridays" promotion. Coincidentally this multi-week promotion happens to coincide with the Roman Catholic time of Lent. Also, coincidentally, many other restaurants are starting fish on Friday sales and promotions as well. I know they are out to make money and I know those that follow the rules of Lent will be taking advantage of these sale prices. I guess it is a win, win for all of those involved with the Lent season.

My question is, "Why, if you are sacrificing meat through Lent, will you still eat fish which is also a meat?" I mean, if you're going to sacrifice shouldn't you really sacrifice? Who said it is alright to eat fish? Where does the Lent custom come from anyway? Is it backed by scripture? If it is I should probably be following it as well. I admit I have not done much research on the subject, further than asking my wife, a former Roman Catholic, and a few other current Catholics why they did or do refrain from meat on Fridays from Ash Wednesday until Easter. The closest I have to an answer is it is to sacrifice because that's what Catholics do this time of year. No real basis for doing so, except for they've always done it. Oh, and what about vegetarians? How do they "sacrifice" during Lent?

A quick peek at the wikipedia page for Lent shows that more than Catholics partake in the Lent season. Personally I do not follow the rules and traditions and can't tell you what they are even. But, if given scriptural backing will indeed hold the tradition as others do. All in all I have no true understanding of the Lenten season, so I can not talk for it or against it. It is one of those things I will need to study and see where the basis lies, what he reason is, if it "required" or optional, why not fast for the full 40 days? So many things I don't understand, which qualifies me to only keep my mouth shut about the subject.

I do know that Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for me. I know He doesn't require me to sacrifice anything for Him, but to only trust and believe in Him.... for everything. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me more or love me less, forgive me more or forgive me less. I am under His blood, atoned for by His blood and I stand righteous before the Father only because of Jesus Christ. I willingly give my life to Him.

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