Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elvis The Spud Years

Day 243 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I thought I had seen it all. All as far as Elvis collectibles go, that is. That was until I opened the pages of the newest Graceland catalog. I'm not knockin' Elvis here, but a Mr. Potato Head Elvis? That's just plain wacky. But, wackier is that my mom would probably want one. Actually I think it is kind of neat myself and we could add it to our Darth Tater, R2DTater, SpiderSpud and Indiana Jones/ Taters of the Lost Ark collectibles. One big hindrance? The $20 price tag on them, so sorry, no Elvis Spudley for me.

I'm not going to mention Elvis' spiritual condition in this post, I did so in this one a little while back. I would like to say something about the level of fanhood he still has, even after being in the grave for 34 years.

No doubt about it, Elvis was a personality. He was a talented man, charming, good looking, rich and very kind hearted. But just what propelled him into such a magnitude of worship? What about more recent examples of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber? Why do people seem to want to be like, pursue more than anything and follow those mentioned? Is it a true emotion or is it just a popular fad or something totally different? Does it border or even cross the line into idolatry? I would say yes to all of those questions.

But why do people want to follow other popular people is the real question. Or why can someone so freely follow a mere man and turn their back and close their ears to Jesus? Many people know almost every word to every Elvis song recorded. Now that is devotion. But, can not quote you a verse from the bible other than John 3:16, all the time saying they are a Christian.

What this helps to point out is there are a lot of people that claim to be Christian in word only. They have not opened their Bible in years, have not attended a church service in the last year except for Easter and/ or Christmas, but say they love God more than anyone or anything. Really? And just how does that mesh with your denial of godly things? How can you be a part of the Body of Christ and yet be severed from it? Not that reading scripture or attending church makes you a Christian or is a requirement to be saved, but it does show the state of a person's heart if they deny those things.

So, what idols are in your life? What do you love more than God? Your job? Your car? Your spouse? Kids? Money? Quiet time? Facebook? Justin Bieber? Jesus was really blunt in Mathew 10:37 when He said that if you love your parents or children more than Him you are not worthy of Him. He goes on to say in verse 38 that if you don't pick up your cross and follow Him you are not worthy either. Some pretty radical statements even for today. Breaking it down Jesus was saying that you better not have any idols in your life and if you do that you do not truly know Him. You may know another Jesus, but not The Jesus of scripture.

I hope that you examine your life and cut out the things that hinder a relationship with the Savior. If you are truly His child then He will not allow you to have idols and you can do it the easy way and purge them yourself or He will do it for you. I choose the first choice and total surrender to God, even though I am not 100% good at it yet. It is yet another area to seek Him and His strength to be closer to Him.

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