Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weather - I Like It Or Not

Day 240 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

This evening is going to be a little un-nerving according to the weather people. Strong winds, strong thunderstorms, flash flooding and possibilities of tornadoes are being forecast. Not my kind of weather, but whatever God wants to do with the weather is fine. I just don't want a limb to come crashing down on the roof tonight/ tomorrow early morning or a tornado to rip through the area.

Weather people have been wrong before and they will be wrong again. The last 2 snow events they were wrong about. The first of the two they were calling for a good amount of snow and we got very little. The second was just the opposite and we got a lot more snow than forecast, which caught school officials scrambling to return kids safely home and also found a lot of buses in ditches along the county roads. Of course, they blamed it on computer models and an anomaly that could not have been known about with their equipment. But that's alright, people and computers are fallible.

God is not fallible though. Every Word He speaks comes true. The Bible is filled with prophecy's that were fulfilled and there are still some that remain to be fulfilled. Maybe this crazy weather is part of the end times scenario? Maybe not. But I know Paducah is not the center of prophecy and our weather probably doesn't have an impact on end times narratives. We just get the weather that God wants us to have. There are some inconveniences at times from rain, wind and snow, but they all serve a purpose somehow to God. I will not question His decision to do what He does with the weather, but I may ask Him to protect my family and possessions from damage. Tonight I prayed that God make the storms predicted dissipate or blow by overhead and not cause any damage. Of course this is my wishes and God has bigger plans than mine to fulfill, but that doesn't keep me from asking.

I know that I am in His hands and so are my family and all the gifts He has showered us with. If He chooses to do something with anything of ours then I will probably be upset at the circumstances, but not with God. He is the giver of what we have and we are just temporary caretakers for our possessions. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Glory to God for both and glory to God in the midst of a storm and on the other side of a storm.

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