Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tag! You're It

Day 233 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

Trying to figure this one out. It seems to be a non essential tag. It came off of a shirt, some company took the time and money to have it sewn in only to tell you to remove it before you wash or wear it. Why? I am guessing that it is an anti-theft device (aka mark of the Beast - just kidding, maybe). These are similar to the anti-theft devices in everything from razors to iPods to let workers in retail know that something is leaving the store that hasn't had its tag deactivated. They are more hassle to the consumer, because we've all set the alarm off at least once.

These tags are evolving though. Wal-Mart is set to use these tags as tracking devices to see how their customers travel throughout the store as they shop. Doing this will allow them to crunch the data and see how to better lay out the store so you have to walk around more products that you might buy on a whim. They already out the milk in the back of the store to make you walk all the way back there and spot the other snacks and cookies that will go with your milk.

The tags can also be used by the government to track people. Embedded in drivers license that one must carry can be chips that can track where you've been, how long you've been in a particular place and who you're with. Sounds real big brotherish to me, but it is a precursor to the mark of the Beast that I alluded to earlier. Maybe an implanted chip that will store all of your personal information and that no one can steal from you. It would be used in place of drivers licenses, credit cards, to store your medical records, etc. The push is happening as society gets more and more scared to be robbed or of having their identity stolen. It is all going to happen in the name of safety and security.

Not to sound all "Left Behind" or anything, but Christians need to be aware of what's going on. We all need to start preparing for the days ahead. I've never been a conspiracy theorist and I am just now under a pastor that is preaching through the end times faithfully to scripture, so I am still trying to figure out the scenario anyway. My eschatology is very skewed, as was all of my other theology from a lifetime upbringing in the American church and its easy believism/ man centered messages. I do know that Christian persecution is happening now and will only progress. The religion of Islam is on the rise and all kinds of false teachers and false prophets litter the airwaves and pulpits across the globe.

Stand strong Christian and know that God is still on His throne. Nothing is a surprise to Him and He will see His children through to His glory. Stay strong and keep your gaze on Christ and allow Him to direct your path. Be strong, be vigilant and keep proclaiming the truth.

(Also keep tearing out those tags from your clothes. Especially GAP, Old Navy and any of the other off shoots of that company as they embed the tracking chips in their regular tags)

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