Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sanka. Your Welcome.

Day 226 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

My dad used to work on the parking meters here in Paducah, when they had parking meters. When he would work on them sometimes he would find silver coins or what he though might be worth some money in the future, so he would swap out with his change and bring the assumed treasure home with him. He was also a fan of Sanka coffee or at least was when I was a child, not sure in his adult life if he drank the instant stuff or not. All I ever saw him drink was Diet Cokes in his later years, but I am sure he probably still had coffee on his morning treks to Hardee's for breakfast.

He used this Sanka jars to put what look to be silver nickels. The date on the bottom of the jar is 1974, so this is probably one from the same time frame as my memory allows me to recall. I came across it while going through some stuff at his former home. He passed away April 2005 after having a stroke while gone for breakfast one morning. That was not a very pleasant time in my life. Looking back there are so many things I would like to have said to him and a lot of things I would like to have talked to him about, especially his standing with the Lord.

I am glad that his last few years I got closer to him and got to know him better. Chandra, the boys and me moved in behind him and I got to see him almost every day. Him and my mom divorced when I was 18, he ended up moving into my grandmothers trailer that she had lived in as far back as I can remember. It is a 1965 model and is as sturdy as the day it was moved into, so I am sure she moved into it around that year or shortly after. I remember many holidays and Sundays visiting my grandmother. The smell of coffee strong enough to knock you over as you walked through the front door. Playing in the woods where my current home sits now. So, this piece of property holds many memories since I was a child, just wish I could remember more of them.

I try not to beat myself up about not talking to my dad more about God. I know someone said he was saved as a child, but his life did not match up to that sadly. I pray that he did repent after his stroke. I know he still had mental capacities, it's just that his body did not cooperate with his mind. I stayed by his side as much as I could while he was in the hospital and saw him slowly deteriorate. He passed away a few days after being moved into a nursing home. I still have hope that he did put his faith in Christ during the time in the hospital and I cling to that as much as possible. I have no assurance that he was a Christian though and that really is hard when I think about it.

The sorrow I have for not sharing was a catalyst into evangelizing for me. It opened my eyes a lot to how a lot of people feel when their family members pass away and if I could tell people the gospel and they repent and believe in Christs then that would be another family that would know that their loved one was a child of God and woke up in the presence of the Lord. That was the beginning of what grew into a passion to see the lost saved, disciples made and most of all to see God glorified. God has been gracious to me and put me within a body that loves to evangelize and a ministry that is passionate about the lost. I guess if there were a niche that I felt the most for it would be the false converts, as I was one for 30 years. I know exactly how much the deception runs in a person's mind. I know how the lies of the modern gospel seduce one into believing another gospel that is no gospel at all, but a man centered feel good message that damns many.

So, that is some of the reason I feel compassionate about evangelism. Even though God is still working on my speaking, He still is using me in ways that are definitely Him and not me. I owe everything to my God and my Savior and I praise Him every day for the grace and mercy He has given so freely and undeservedly to me.

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