Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain, Rain On My Face

Day 237 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

What a day of rain we have had here in Paducah today. They said on the news break earlier that there had already been 3" of rain to fall and it is still raining. We did have some really strong thunderstorms roll through the area and I did hear of tornadoes being spotted within 20 miles of here.

I always think of the song "Flood" by Jars of Clay when it rains. Why? Because it's about rain and a flood, of course. But, it is one of the first Contemporary Christian Songs that I remember hearing. I heard it on secular radio, because I did not listen to Christian music at all. Even though I professed to be a Christian since I said a prayer at 8 years old I still never had a desire for anything of God. Well, there was all of the forgiveness I desired and blessings, but not much more than that.

My life was that of a typical false convert from age 8 up until I was soundly save at 38. My life was indistinguishable from any other person that you would have came across that loved to party and really loved to sin, except I had "taken care" of getting saved when I was a kid. I was good. I was forgiven. I did my part and I was on the way to heaven. This, even though I never had a desire for anything to do with God. I bore no fruit at all of a Christian and bore many fruits of the sinner that I was. In the eyes of the world I was a "good kid", never got arrested (even though I should have many times), never got into fights and didn't sneak around behind my parents back. I was good to go in the words and eyes of many people including Sunday school teacher, family and associate pastors. I took care of it all when I was a kid.

What I mention are the typical signs of a false convert, I lived it and that is probably why my heart aches for others that are deceived as I was. I know how deep deception can run in a person, especially when you have "professionals" tell you that you are saved and never show you scripture to the contrary. Fact is I was being lied to and I was on the road to hell. It would be like a doctor telling you everything was fine, but you were actually dying of cancer. But the big truth is that your cancer could be cured very easily and they not tell you the cure. They just let you die because they don't want to hurt you. So, you live your life thinking you're good while the cancer eats away, no one loves you enough to tell you the truth and you're gone. You die. When all along the most loving thing to do would be tell you of your sickness and what the cure is so that you can live. The same is true with sin, as it eats away at you like cancer. Jesus is the cure for your sins, not just a "ticket" to heaven, but a Savior from Hell and from a sinful life that dishonors God.

Don't live in deception any longer. If you have been banking on a prayer as a child, a profession of faith, a walk down the aisle or a preachers affirmation for your salvation, then you are on the road to hell. Until you turn from your sins and to Christ, giving Him your life and serving Him then you are being eaten by cancer. Jesus said to "Repent or Perish" in Luke 13:3,5 - so there is the "formula". Repent of your sins or perish in the fires of hell. Not trying to scare you, but it would scare me to know that I was putting my faith in anything other than Christ for my salvation. Jesus keeps saving me daily, from myself, my sins and from God's wrath. How about you? Where is your faith this day?

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